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May 01 2016

Ingo Breuer

Worship God. Not the Stars!

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When John the Revelator began to worship an angel he was told twice not to do itbut rather worship God (Rev. 19:10 and 22:9). When the people at Lystra began to worship the apostles after a miracle healing the apostles told them not to do that because they were men of like passions (Acts 14:6-18). […]

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Jun 19 2014

Ingo Breuer

Quick Bible refs on the right kind of music!

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Music existed in the garden of Eden according to Isa. 51:3. The context is joy, gladness and thanksgiving toward the LORD. Not worldly entertainment. In the book of Revelation we read about singing the praises of God before the throne in heaven. Rev. 5:9, 14:3,15:3. Wrong music: Gen. 4:21, Ex. 32:17-25, Eccl. 2:8, Ezek. 33:32, […]

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