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Jan 20 2013

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A Day To Pray

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Former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee invites us to keep a day of prayer and repentance for our national leaders from local school leader all up to the President. As believers we are commanded to pray for our leaders: “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;  For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. ” 1. Tim.2:1,2.

This is unbelievable horror: January 23 of this year represents the 40th anniversary of the most heinous and vicious lawsuit ever in the USA: Roe vs. Wade.  The death sentence of over 50 million unborn babies. Arrogant judges ruled that in the case of the unborn it is legal to kill. God says: Thou shalt not kill. We cannot premeditate to kill an innocent life.  And while this infamous anniversary is approaching a deceived people has nothing better to do than to re-inaugurate the most pro-abortion president ever. 40 years of error and killing and has anybody learned the lesson yet?  When is it ever going to end?

A nation is being deluded by a leader who wants to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms in order to “protect children” while at the same time he will proudly proclaim the right to kill children in the womb. What hypocrisy! We all know that personal gun ownership serves to protect homes and families form intruders. Good people need the means to defend themselves against the attacks of evil. Remember how Abraham armed his trained servants to fight to liberate his nephew Lot who became a captive of war. Genesis 14:14. It is wrong to use firearms as an aggressor to kill, steal or destroy. But there is a time to use weapons for defense, liberation and protection. It is total hypocrisy that leaders who have their own children protected by armed guards in school will not allow ordinary citizens to use firearms for the protection of their children. God bless that US soldier who stood guard in front of his child’s school after the horrible school shooting. We cannot prevent guns from getting into the hands of bad people. We need to make sure that the good never have to surrender their constitutional right. No matter what. Americans need to be an armed people. The Chinese, the Iranian president and every other foreign or domestic enemy needs to see that this is an armed citizenry that if necessary can defend itself  without government-sponsored armies. It is hypocrisy that an American president would dare to disarm Americans with arrogant executive orders like a dictator but give US weapons systems such as tanks and F-16 fighter jets to a sharia-run Muslim state run by militant Muslim Brotherhood thugs. This makes no sense and we don’t have time till 2016 to wait for that nonsense to end.

Frankly, we need to pray for president Obama that God would change his heart. God can turn a Saul into a Paul. My prayer is that Obama will have a genuine experience from nature to grace – a new birth. Jesus said we must be born again or we will not enter into God’s kingdom. By nature we are in peril of perishing in hell. Therefore, we must be saved so we can live with Jesus in the New Heaven and New Earth. The old heaven and earth we see now will pass away, so we need to make sure we are prepared for more: living in God’s kingdom. The best thing that can happen is for President Obama to have an encounter with a living God that will turn him forever pro-life, pro-marriage & family and truly pro God in public. He must learn this nation’s Christian heritage and roots. What better thing could happen to him personally as a husband and father of 2 girls but to give his life to Jesus Christ, change his ways, and use the remainder of his administration to do that which is good for America: strengthen religious freedom, protect unborn life, family and traditional marriage. Ensure that health workers have conscience rights so nobody can force a health worker to provide abortion pills. Reverse the HHS mandate and sincerely apologize to Hobby Lobby. Apologize to Neavy Seal Team 6 and dedicate himself to honor the military and appreciate their sacrifice. End America’s error with China and commit to Made in the USA. A lot needs to get done to restore righteousness.

America or Obama - You Can't Have Both

The Obama administration has taken such anti-American initiatives that we can’t wait till 2016 to reverse 8 years of national error. Today is the day of repentance. Photo: © 2013 Ingo Breuer

Take time to keep praying and fasting for our leaders to get their wisdom from the King James Bible and not from liberal think tanks or the expectations or wishes of Europeans, Asians or Arabs. No American has the need to lust after a European way of life. Therefore, all attempts must be thwarted to see the US decline to become another mediocre socialistic nation deep in debt and with no faith in the living God. Take time to pray for our leaders in authority – from your local school leader and mayor all the way up to state and national leaders. They need to get in line with God’s principles. Maybe the answer to prayer may come in the form of a country preacher getting into the path of those in authority and telling them the old, old story of Jesus and His redeeming love and reasoning with them about righteousness just as John the Baptist got in the way of Herod to rebuke him on what is not right in God’s sight. Leaders need to become concerned with what is right in the eyes of God because we are under God. It always ends tragic when someone acts like there is no God above him.

Blessed is the nation wose God is the LORD

Photo: © 2013 Ingo Breuer

 Today is the day to repent of abortion, confess the sin of same-sex inordinate affection, support for wicked regimes, yielding to communist China. Today is the day to return to the old country church, the old-fashioned mourner’s bench, the King James Bible , the old hymnal and denying all ungodliness and worldly lusts (Titus 2:11-13). Today is a day to pray.

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Oct 20 2012

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Billy Graham: Vote pro-life, pro-family & pro-Israel.

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Evangelist Billy Graham pleads with America to vote for candidates upholding biblical principles such as the sanctity of life, traditional marriage and support for Israel. But the battle does not end on Nov. 6. Billy Graham asks us not only to vote but, even more important, to pray for America.

I pray

Pray for the president, the politicians, those in authority, the poor and the prisoner, and pray for the lost to see their plight and to receive Christ.  The best guide to instruct citizens to pray for their nation is a 1986 book entitled [amazon-product text=”The Rebirth of America” type=”text”]B000OK6RRQ[/amazon-product].  With the election coming up there ought to be a run on this book. It talks about the need for national repentance and the Christian’s job as intercessory prayer warrior.  One chapter explains how to pray for America. The main points are:

  • First, confess to God the sins that our nation has committed.
  • Second, Scripture commands us to pray specifically for those who have authority in our nation. 1. Tim. 2:2. “Because we have not laboured in prayer to place godly men in our government and to change the heart of godless men who occupy office, God has allowed us t be ruled by men who are motivated by selfishness, humanistic thinking, and peer pressure.” The Obama administration has deceived America with a false promise of “change” which led to socialism, economic and social decline, outrageous debt, and departure from  American heritage and destiny. The real change that is overdue is for the current president to change his heart about God, the final authority of the Bible, America’s godly heritage, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness part from government involvement. Are we praying for that heart change?
  • In this hour we must intercede for the men God has raised up to lead His people in the fight against the forces of Satan in this nation. I sensed America was headed for trouble when in the second half of the Bush administration great men like Ronald Reagan, Jerry Falwell, Adrian Rogers and D. James Kennedy went home. A generation of couch potatoes raised on facebook, ipod and Wal-Mart will not deliver any godly role models but just dwindle into the abyss of mediocrity and decline. Let’s get to intercede for those that lead the fight for right.
  • Finally, we need to pray for the millions of people in our nation who are trapped by sin. The power of sin is compounded through ungodly media from antisocial network to hellevision to smutphones.

The Rebirth of America presents five keys to effective prayer:

  • Personal salvation. You must be born again.
  • Purity of life. No unconfessed in.
  • Prayer according to knowledge. Know God’s ways and promises from the Bible.
  • Prayer with fasting. By fasting we show God that we hunger and thirst for more than just earthly things. We are hungry for Him and His kingdom.
  • Pray in faith. Elija prayed and it affected the climate for years. Prayer is a serious matter! Have faith in the fact that effectual fervent prayers of the righteous avail much.

The book concludes with the idea that America is too young to die. I agree.

Will God Save America?

Will God Save America?

Gospel tracts ask the question “Will God Save America?” as they form a cross at a grocery store bulletin board in Carthage, Tennessee. Photo: © 2012 Ingo Breuer

The tract in the photo can be read online: Will God Save America?

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Jun 30 2012

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US ambassador to Germany participates in vulgar gay pride parade in Berlin

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Who is he an ambassador of?

US ambassador Philip Murphy is seen side by side with the queer Berlin mayor at a gay pride event in Germany’s capital Berlin. Ambassador Murphy also wrote  an editorial in a liberal German newspaper defending Obama’s anti-christian campaign against God & family and the so-called “Christopher Street Day” which has become a major gay pride event. The question is: Who does Murphy represent? Since he is obviously not representing those Americans who believe in traditional marriage and family. Murphy is a veteran corporate soldier of Goldman Sachs. Murphy is a big contributor to the Democratic Party and Goldman Sachs is one of the biggest supporters of the Obama campaign. Oh, that’s how you get an ambassador job.

Dear Ambassador Murphy:

Why do you participate in the CSD pagan festivity when you know that this does not properly represent the USA? I’m a German who lived in Tennessee for 9 years and I have been preaching in Baptist churches, worked in American factories, paid my taxes, given to churches and my daughter goes to school there. I know that what you have done in Berlin meets the absolute disapproval of most of the people I met and worked with in the rural south. I have even met an ex-lesbian who is now a follower of Jesus Christ and even she expressed disapproval over Obama’s ideas of gay rights, same-sex marriage and arrogantly trying to legislate morality and forcing believers into compliance with political correctness under the threat of losing their job. That is not liberty!

As a German, I 100% support the Tea Party movement and I have made this video of one Tea Party event in Tennessee with great music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0bzKKtaEbM

I also sharply disagree with you editorial published in the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” which I believe is a distortion of facts. The idea of “gay pride” in and of itself is morally wrong. How can anyone have the nerve to be proud of something that they know God calls an abomination, inordinate affection and contrary to nature? How can anybody be proud of sin? To be proud of sin is nothing more than raising one’s fist in rebellion against God, who gave us His word in love as an owner’s manual for the human body.

As ambassador you should be careful not to cave in to the gay lobby in Berlin. What would Ronald Reagan do if he was in Berlin again? Are you aware that one of San Francisco’s biggest gay rights activists is now under trial for child pornography?

Please be careful not to give any American support to circles and individuals that are caught up in child pornography! When I lived in the US I worked 60 to 80 hours a week in a hot factory. Those hard-earned taxdollars I paid should not be wasted on Berlin gay activism or Planned Parenthood abortion industry.

I love America and don’t want to see this nation turned into a cesspool of sin. I love the America of Billy Graham, Ronald Reagan, Andy Griffith Show and southern gospel music but I reject Obama’s arrogant marxist experiment. Obama has tried to turn America into another dark European-style socialist nation. He has failed to understand the principle of American exceptionalism and he has failed to understand what Supreme Court Justice Josiah Brewer called the “Christian nation back in 1892 and I believe his commentary is authoritative and needed in 2012.

What an irony that Justice Brewer grew up as a son to missionaries in Turkey and later as Supreme Court Judge noted that America is a Christian nation while President Obama goes to Turkey and flatters the radical Muslims by saying that America is not a Christian nation. Mr. Murphy, I stand with Justice Brewer’s America and I reject Obama’s concept of “change” or moving “forward”.

I wish you had not participated in the CSD frenzy. My prayer is that America will have an ambassador in Berlin who is a concerned conservative Christian able to show the Berlin mayor with compassion the scriptures from a [amazon-product text=”King James Bible” type=”text”]141854891X[/amazon-product] that we should not take pride in sin. Pride cometh before destruction, the Bible says. It takes a godly ambassador who shows the Germans that they are wrong with government-sponsored childcare beginning at age 1. They are wrong with their hatred toward the [amazon-product text=”traditional family” type=”text”]0873983599[/amazon-product] and their utter disrespect for the traditional role of the woman as mother and housewife. Germany is wrong with its prohibition against homeschooling and their radical environmentalism which drives the cost of living up so high that families require some kind of government handout to live on because incomes spend on taxes, fees and energy bills leaving nothing for people to realize their personal dreams. In order to be fair, you should also represent the “other America” – those who live in small southern towns, read the Bible on the porch, enjoy family life, attend church and own guns. That old-time American way of life needs to get a voice in leftist, pagan Berlin.


Ingo Breuer

Berlin, Germany’s capital, has become a secular cesspool of sin with a large portion of Muslim immigrants and a strong leftist, liberal, pro-communist and atheist camp. Entire city districts are controlled by Muslims. Local politics is controlled by atheistic-humanistic groups tied together with the gay lobby who fought for secular education and brought antichristian gay propaganda into elementary school. Christian opinions and influences are often met with hostility and get suppressed. Some districts give refuge to former radical leftist RAF terrorists who got an early release. One terrorist woman – Birgit Hogefeld – got three life sentences in 1996 but was released in 2011.

As a practical Christian one wonders how to bring light into such darkness? My efforts have extended from letterwriting to politicians and embassies to mailings to groups hostile to Christian faith, and, of course, prayer for those in authority. I know nobody likes those unsolicited marketing mailings but I do believe God uses unsolicited faith mailings to call sinners to salvation and give people hints and thoughts about His redemptive love and righteousness. My dream is to get a 1980s US pick-up truck and cover it with Christian bumper stickers, scripture magnets, QR code posters of Christian websites and drive it through Berlin all day – driving by government buildings, embassies of communist, Muslim and totalitarian states, Muslim districs, leftist distrits, Brandenburg gate (where Reagan asked Gorbachev to tear down the wall) and Siegessäule (where Obama gave his arrogant one-world messianic speech). Interested people can get free gospel tracts which I already have thousands of. An alternative to a US pick-up truck would be a Chevy G20 conversion van since this campaign is literally about conversions. Seekers can be invited into the van to show them Christian movies like Jack Chick’s “Light of the World” or Ray Comfort’s “180 Movie” etc. If you want to contribute to the realization of this effort, please use the donate button or if you have any Christian bumper stickers or scripture signs to give away just mail them to the address given on the “Contact” page.

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Jan 15 2012

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A Christian Nation

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At a press conference in Turkey back in 2009 President Barak Obama denied America’s Christian heritage by saying in the face of the Turkish president that “We do not consider ourselves a christian nation” Is that so? Then why did the founding fathers make so many references to the Bible in their writings as if they checked their principles of government against the true authority of the Bible? True, America is not a sectarian country ruled by a church hierarchy as the old medieval Europe. But the old Europe was not truly Christian in that they hated the Bible and did not have a concept of personal soul salvation by being born again. Can you imagine that most Europeans today do not really know what it means to be “born again” or hot to be born again by accepting Jesus as Lord? That is the true European crisis: their Biblical illiteracy!

Then Obama goes on to say that America is a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values. True! But what shaped those ideals and values? The Bible and the quest for liberty of those who wanted to live out the Biblical truths in freedom. So Obama fails to recognize that the ideals Americans believe in have been shaped by the Bible itself. The ideal of the “quiet and peacable life in all godliness and honesty” 1. Timothy 2:1,2. Picture an old American country home in a rural community and you have a perfect picture of Psalm 128 in action. The Biblical concept of the New Testament church is that of an autonomous local congregation and not a European-style ecclesiastical hierarchy. That is the mistake of the Roman emperor Constantine who married the church to the world instead of the pure marriage of the church to Christ. The set of values American citizens possess is not influenced or defined by secularism, humanism or socialism. Let us be careful against all attempts of those who want to redefine the set of values and ideals Americans believe in.

It was not very smart that Obama made this remark about America not being a Christian nation at a press conference in Turkey. Why does an American president cowtow to a leader of a largely Muslim nation that does not have true religious freedom, persecutes Christians by not allowing them to build churches, funds the Islamisation of Europe and denies the genocide in Armenia. That incident alone is enough to demand a conservative, Christian president to take over in 2012. Friends don’t let friends vote for Obama. Just watch this Tea Party event in Lebanon, Tennessee to get the idea of where we need to go in 2012:

Is America a Christian nation? Read the words of Supreme Court Justice David Josiah Brewer back in 1892 in the case of CHURCH OF THE HOLY TRINITY V. UNITED STATES, 143 U. S. 457:

If we pass beyond these matters to a view of American life, as expressed by its laws, its business, its customs, and its society, we find every where a clear recognition of the same truth. Among other matters, note the following: the form of oath universally prevailing, concluding with an appeal to the Almighty; the custom of opening sessions of all deliberative bodies and most conventions with prayer; the prefatory words of all wills, “In the name of God, amen;” the laws respecting the observance of the Sabbath, with the general cessation of all secular business, and the closing of courts, legislatures, and other similar public assemblies on that day; the churches and church organizations which abound in every city, town, and hamlet; the multitude of charitable organizations existing every where under Christian auspices; the gigantic missionary associations, with general support, and aiming to establish Christian missions in every quarter of the globe. These, and many other matters which might be noticed, add a volume of unofficial declarations to the mass of organic utterances that this is a Christian nation.

I firmly believe that this is the vision for America even in 2012 and beyond. This is the principle by which we go to the polls in November! Interestingly, Justice Brewer was born in Smyrna, Asia Minor (Ottoman Empire), which now is Turkey! He was the son of Christian missionaries who ran a school in what is today called Izmir. Can you believe that? By the way, Brewer was also involved in the American Bible Society. When Obama was in Turkey making these remarks, he should have known that Justice Brewer who spoke of the Christian nation was born right there. I believe there needs to be an American president going to Turkey that feels deeply connected to the heritage of justice Brewer! Because Turkey needs Jesus just as all other people need Christ in their life. God loves them all and wants to save souls so that lives won’t be wasted but find victory in Jesus.

Obviously, there was a time when Americans understood that the manifest destiny of their nation was the worldwide propagation of the Christian faith. This is the only kind of “nation building” America should be involved in. This also goes for Iran and Afghanistan. Endless wars paid for with money borrowed from the Chinese will not create free democracies in those areas, but every single country east of Israel all the way to the pacific ocean needs to be won to Christ. Does your local church support missions in those hardened Muslim nations that are so deprived of Christ’s gospel?

Maybe if you have just read Justice Brewer’s vision of Christian America you need to get in your face before God and ask Him what He wants you to do to get ahold of this vision and carry it out? Today it is sad to see old country churches in America rotting and falling apart in rural areas. But America did not become great with televangelists, mega-churches and modern “worship centers” that are more like worldly entertainment than serious Bible study and old-time worship. If America is going to see revival again I believe it will take place where the nation started: in the old country church that runs on nothing but the King James Bible and the old hymn book.

Let us also pray for the people of Iran to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Let them grow tired of this false religion of Islam that does not really bring rest to the soul and gives no assurance of salvation. Only Jesus can take away the sin and bring peace.

[amazon-product align=”left”]B004QZ9WAO[/amazon-product]

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