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The Story Of My Conversion

Walter K. Ayers, April 19, 2014
Part of the Testimony series, preached at a Testimony service

As given at the Southern Baptist Convention pastors conference and recorded live at the First Baptist Church - Dallas, Texas.
In 1957, Walter K. Ayers came roaring out of DeWitt, Arkansas, with two dollars in his pocket and driving a thirty-dollar stripped down car, and wearing a nine-dollar Tuxedo, plus a full football scholarship to the University of Arkansas. Walter's life has taken a dramatic change - from a street brawler - fighting policemen or anyone seeking a battle - sentenced to a two-year suspended prison term - expelled from high school four times - a troubled boy from a broken home that admits he sometimes prayed to die. But today, Walter is called one of the most gifted and unusual preachers in America. WHAT HAPPENED? How did the unbelievable change take place? A great football coach, Mr. Sam Cook, and a dedicated pastor, Rev. Dickson Rial, encouraged Walter and led him on the right path. With Mr. Cook, it was football. Walter gained is first success ... earning honors, and participating in the East-West All-Star game, winning the scholarship to the University of Arkansas. The Pastor, Rev. Rial, taught the troubled, strong boy that living for God and playing on God's team would bring strength, not weakness. So Walter dedicated his life to Christ. Few of the startled townspeople thought it would last ... BUT IT DID! Not only has his conversion lasted, but to the amazement of many, Walter surrendered his life to preach (under the ministry of Evangelist Angel Martinez). Since that time, Walter has gained honors as a college athlete and is widely acclaimed as an evangelist. He travels from colleges to high schools and to thirty-five weeks of revivals each year. Last year, Mr. Ayers received 106 revival calls and 112 school calls, plus 12 football banquets for a total of 230 calls. That's enough invitations to keep 10 men busy. But Walter makes as many as possible. Some months he speaks as many as 90 times or 3 times a day. Last year in three months, almost 100,000 students heard this dedicated man speak on "LIFE'S COMMITMENT TO CHRIST". Dr. J. Harold Smith, world-famous preacher, says, "Walter puts more energy in one sermon than most preachers put in ten. He is one of America's greatest preachers. His testimony is the best I've ever heard." From the prisons to the Universities, Walt carries God's message. Wherever he goes the message is always the same, CHRIST IS THE ANSWER.

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About Walter K. Ayers: 1937-1998, Southern Baptist evangelist
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