Mar 05 2017

CBS show insults pro-life viewers!

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A recent episode of the popular CBS game-show The Price is Right, featured actress Julie Bowen who said that she was playing to support Planned Parenthood.

What’s more, she is supporting the organization as though it were a charity.

Sign the petition asking CBS to apologize for promoting Planned Parenthood

In an interview about the game, Bowen stated:

“Planned Parenthood, it’s just really important…It is health care for men and women, and it is low-cost, and it is so important, and it is not just something to be vilified. It is something to be supported, so I am 100 percent in favor.”

“100% in favor?!”

Planned Parenthood is the world’s largest abortion provider. And she wants to promote it?

Sign the petition for CBS to apologize for promoting Planned Parenthood

“The entire abortion industry is based on a lie,” said the late Norma McCorvey.

She is absolutely right. And to think that a TV show would present it as normal is hard to imagine.

In my opinion, this is insulting to pro-lifers. And so, I ask that you:

Please add your name to this petition, asking CBS to apologize for allowing the promotion of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider.

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Mar 02 2017

No Money for Murder

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Why we need to end pay to slay

Send this message to your member of Congress:

Please co-sponsor the Taylor Force Act

Dear ,

This week, Senators Graham, Blunt and Cotton introduced the Taylor Force Act in the Senate, and Representatives Lamborn and Zeldin introduced companion legislation in the House (H.R.1164). If you’ve not already done so, I urge you to co-sponsor this important legislation.

The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) longstanding incitement of violence against Israelis through textbooks, television and social media is well known. What’s less known – but even more troubling – is the PA’s policy of providing generous lifetime payments to terrorists who are imprisoned for murdering Israelis. If the terrorist dies in the course of his attack, his family received these payments. These payments are hardly random — they are required under legislation passed by the Palestinian legislature.

The United States provides the PA with approximately $300 million in aid each year. The PA pays approximately $300 million to terrorists and their families ever year. There is no way around this troubling reality: our taxpayer dollars are being used to fund terrorism.

For the sake of Taylor Force and his family, and for the sake of peace, I ask that you co-sponsor the Taylor Force Act.

There will never be peace between Israelis and the Palestinians so long as one of these parties funds terrorism against the other. Please act today to stop PA funding of terrorism.

[Your Name]

This bill is named after Taylor Force, a West Point graduate who who survived tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan only to be murdered in Israel by a Palestinian terrorist.

Today we ask you to stand up for Taylor Force. We ask you to stand up for Israel. And we ask you to take a stand against terrorism.

Click here now to ask your members of Congress to co-sponsor the Taylor Force Act.

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Feb 26 2017

STOP anti-Christian blasphemy laws in Pakistan | Sign this petition!

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The following message was relayed to the Pakistani embassy and a few church and political leaders.

Dear Sir or Madam:

Join this petition! President Mamnoon Hussain, President Mamnoon Hussain:
STOP anti-Christian blasphemy laws in Pakistan :

As you may know, the anti-blasphemy laws in Pakistan are often used against Christians and other religious minorities. In many cases, these believers are falsely accused because of property disputes or instances of personal vengeance.

Anti-blasphemy laws also incite violence by encouraging individuals to take justice into their own hands by threatening or killing the accused, even if the accused are found innocent of the alleged crimes.

Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are incompatible with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I beg you to work to have them abolished.

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Jan 21 2017

Welcome President Donald Trump!

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This is a welcome message for President Donald Trump. It serves as a reminder of core action items on a Christian, conservative, constitutionalist agenda. This is the inspiring to-do-list for the new administration. I pray for wisdom and strength to consistently execute a Christian agenda that will reverse the leftist-liberalism that has so destroyed and defaced America.

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