Oct 21 2016

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Somebody Go Get Jesus

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I wish there was a truly conservative constutionalist Christian presidential candidate for the USA. Unfortunately, we have one criminal and one entertainer as candidate. I know as a Christian I must vote against the pro-choice, anti-life, anti-family candidate. That is a must. But on the Republican side there is the lack of a good man of faith to vote for. Trump is a man of the world and not of faith. But at least he has some good ideas about immigration, freedom, constitutional rights. But that’s it. Our faith is not in a candidate but in God. Truly, in God we trust and not in man. Our help is in God. A recent gospel song made me think of our need for Jesus. We must go to Him for help in prayer and intercession.

Listen to this song before you vote. Listen to the last stanza. It has to do with the lack of leadership and corruption in government.

Congratulations to the Troy Burns Family on this great song. Yes, somebody go get Jesus for the sake of this nation’s leadership. We must pray for Hillary Clinton to do a 180 and get born again and get right on issues by the renewing of our mind that the Holy Spirit works. Then she can become pro-life, pro-family and pro-God.

O Israel, thou hast destroyed thyself; but in me is thine help. Hosea 13:9.

This country has destroyed itself with secularism and humanism. America is a Christian nation right from the country. European secularism fits America like a blot on the landscape. America’s manifest destiny is the to be a haven for the persecuted Christian and Jew and a beacon for the gospel light under a limited constitutional government. Now we need to see that our help is in the Lord. So we must quit trusting secular leaders and put this thing in God’s hands knowing that God is in control and able to guide the heart of a nation’s leader as well as to overthrow him or her.

Oct 20 2016

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Watch this before you vote!

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Will you vote for a pro-choice leftist who is bent on destroying America and turning it into a European-style leftist secular country? Will you vote for a criminal politician who betrays her own countrymen as in Benghazi and puts the blame on a Christian movie? If you want to vote for a Democrat, then vote for a true Democrat like the late Congressman Larry McDonald (1935-1983), who was killed or captured when the Soviets shot down the plane he was on. Congressman McDonald explains the danger of modern politics and the attack on the US Constitution. He is a clear advocate for less governemnt – limited constitutional government instead of a big federal government that runs all of your life. Watch and understand why we must liberal secularist candidates.

Hillary Clinton will undermine the First and Second Amendment rights of American citizens. She will apppoint liberal whackos as Supreme Court justices who will interpret the constitution as a living document where they can read anything into that the globalists want and what political correctness demands. Therefore, we must join together and vote against liberal fanaticism that poses a threat to American freedom.

Read this before you vote!

Oct 08 2016

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Communist Traitor Hillary Clinton

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The Clinton Chronicles is a good movie to educate the people about the criminal background of the Clintons. For us as Christians, Hillary Clinton is unvoteable for many reasons. Her support for a supposed “women’s right to abortion” is immoral and antichristian. This does not reflect our kind of Christian family values that we learn from the word of God.

We know that we must receive children (Mt. 18:3-5) just as we receive Christ. If we cannot receive children into our families and lives, then how could a sinner possibly receive Christ for salvation (John 1:12)? We would do well to reread Matthew 18 and 19 because it says a lot about marriage, family, church and children. If you read what Jesus says about children and how he blessed them, then you could no longer vote for a Democrat who is fanatical about killing the unborn, radical feminism, gender ideology, and full of a deep-rooted decades-old hatred for traditional America asĀ  a constitutional republic and Christian nation.

We are here to prevent Hillary Clinton. We must oppose her every move except for bowing in an altar to ask God for forgiveness and seek the salvation of her soul. She truly seems like a lost person with a life that is empty and Christ-less. The fruit of her life work has been damaging to America and damaging to marriages, families and the moral fiber of society. The Clintons have literally turned America over to the enemies. They have military bases in California and rented them to the Chinese so they could use American ports to ship in cheap goods made in China. But they have also weakened America morally and spiritually through their scandals, their crimes, unexplained disappearance or killings of senior officials and their corruption. The Clintons both belong behind bars. None of them is worthy of the White House and they should get to know that in November. Continue Reading »

Oct 08 2016

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March for Life, Berlin, Germany

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#pro-life – On September 17 about 7,500 pro-lifers gathered in Berlin, Germany for the annual March for Life. This serves to remind national leaders of their responsibility for the over 100,000 aborted children each year in Germany alone. This is how many people are killed in their mother’s womb.

With a silent march people walk through central Berlin along all major government buildings, major landmarks, media institutions, hospitals and some foreign embassies and state offices. Usually there are radical leftists who disturb the event. They try to disrupt the worship service through noise or try to block the way of participants of the March for Life.

The following videos should send a message to national leaders all over the world that they must follow God’s commandment: “Thou shalt not kill.” And that means that we must ensure our countries are abortion-free and that we receive children into our lives just as a sinner must receive Christ to be saved. It is the same act of receiving, accepting someone into our lives as a gift.

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