Feb 07 2019

Ingo Breuer

Kidnapped Pastor Killed in Myanmar’s Rakhine State

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Pastor Is Survived by Wife and Three Young Children

02/05/2019 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) www.persecution.org – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on February 1, Pastor Tun Nu, who was kidnapped at gunpoint in Myanmar’s Rakhine state on January 19, has died. According to Gospel for Asia (GFA), the mission organization Pastor Tun is a part of, the 41-year-old pastor was killed along with several others who had been kidnapped by a rebel army in the Rakhine state of Myanmar, an area affected by the Rohingya conflict. He leaves behind his wife, three young children, and a church of more than 50 believers.

During the nearly two weeks that Pastor Tun was missing, the local police and government forces were unable to locate him. A local pastor also recently told ICC that no one knew Pastor Tun’s whereabouts, and they received little help in searching for him. His comment expressing little hope for the pastor became a painful reality days later.

“We are heartbroken to learn of Pastor Tun’s death, and we ask you to join us in praying for his wife and family, and his church at this time, that they may know God’s comfort, peace and strength,” shared Dr. KP Yohannan, the founder of GFA. “All of our brothers and sisters on the field know that, as Jesus said, they go out as ‘sheep among wolves.’ Like Pastor Tun, they are willing to lay down their lives, if need be, to share God’s great love with those who have not yet heard the Good News.”

Since learning of Pastor Tun’s death, a GFA-supported network of churches across Myanmar has taken up an offering for the grieving family. The regional leaders of the church have been visiting and comforting the family during this difficult time.

Gina Goh, ICC’s Regional Manager, said, “Our hearts sank at the devastating news of Pastor Tun Nu’s death. We urge the authorities to investigate and bring to justice the perpetrators who think they can get away even if they shed the blood of the innocent. Our heartfelt prayers go out to Pastor Tun Nu’s loved ones, especially to his wife and three young children.”

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Jan 27 2019

Ingo Breuer

How To Place The Gospel In A Rental Car?

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Whenever you use a rental car you can use that opportunity for soulwinning. Leave behind some gospel tracts, tune in to Christian radio or put a scripture on the bluetooth devices.

Click here to join the Pocket Testament League: http://www.ptl.org/542959

Listen online to King of Kings Radio: http://www.kingofkingsradio.com

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Jan 24 2019

Ingo Breuer

Another Democrat on the wrong path: Tell her to apologize!

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Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) recently opined that belief in marriage as the union of one man and one woman is at odds with the Biblical value of respect and love for all of God’s children. What is so hard to understand about the clear teachings of Jesus Christ in Matthew 19:4-6 where he establishes the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman. People need to distinguish between what Jesus really says and what worldly media is trying to propagate. There is a huge difference between popular concoctions and the true teachings of Christ. One must chose between them whether we chose right or wrong, life or death, truth or falsity.

Democrats turn into a bunch of communist anti-Americans and antichristians who are unfit to participate in government. They are utterly below the dignity that behooves this country.

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Jan 24 2019

Ingo Breuer

PETITION: OUTRAGE: Gov. Cuomo celebrates abortion-til-birth by lighting World Trade Center pink

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LifePetitions.com reports:

An extreme new bill passed by the New York legislature Tuesday, Jan. 22 allows abortions until BIRTH and allows non-doctors to perform abortions. 
Outrageously, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) ordered that the One World Trade Center’s spire be lit pink overnight on Tuesday to celebrate his signing of this extreme abortion bill.
The One World Trade Center is a symbol of peace, national solidarity and our opposition to violence against the innocent. The decision to use this building, built on the ground where innocents died on 9/11, to celebrate the killing of the innocent unborn amounts to a horrific irony.
Cuomo also ordered the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, the Kosciuszko Bridge and the Alfred E. Smith Building in Albany to be lit up pink.

The new law, the Reproductive Health Act, was passed by the New York legislature Tuesday. The law also erases the state’s recognition of preborn babies older than 24 weeks as potential homicide victims.

Please sign the petition to Cuomo here:


Let’s put a stop to New York style communist folly. America must say no to this murderous act. Roe vs. Wade is worse than 9/11.

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