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Nov 18 2017

Ingo Breuer

Tennessee “street-preacher” (and, grandfather) needs your help!

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The City of Sweetwater, Tennessee recently barred a Tennessee resident, Mr Paul Johnson, from reading the Bible out loud in public place.

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Dec 16 2014

Ingo Breuer

Chaplain Gets Wrote Up For Sharing His Faith

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Should a chaplain receive a letter of concern from his commander because he spoke about his personal faith in a military seminar dealing with the issue of battling depression? Why is it wrong when  this chaplain simply shares what has worked for him?

On November 20, 2014 Chaplain Joseph Lawhorn lead a suicide prevention class at the University of North Georgia in which he shared his personal faith and how that helped him overcome depression. I am sure he thought he is free to express himself. Isn’t it strange how people curse and blaspheme in public and I am sure in the military, too. Even if it offends Christian believers. But then the Christian is not allowed to talk about what really shapes his indentity and guides his motives and actions. Jesus Christ is the driving force in our life so it is obvious that we talk about Him. Not only because we want to “advocate Christianity”. That’s not the only reason we talk about Jesus. We talk about Him simply because He is there in our life and part of our identity. If you ask me what I did on the weekend. Well, then I have to talk about Jesus. If you ask me what I think about a certain subject or issue, then I might say something that reflects the Biblical worldview. If you ask me, why I don’t commit suicide and what gives me hope in life. Then I have to mention Jesus! If I didn’t mention Him, then I would be lying! There should be no form of coercion in society forcing me to deny Jesus in order to draw a paycheck and oppressing any thought of God back into some hidden closet. That’s wrong!

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Jun 08 2013

Ingo Breuer

Little Country Church

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Little Country Church, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Photo: © 2013 Ingo Breuer

While I was traveling through Gatlinburg, Tennessee situated in the beautiful Smoky Mountains, I have noticed this little chapel for many years. It used to be called “The Little Country Church” with a worship service on Sunday at 9 am. This year in May, however, I noticed that the church sign was gone and that ivy is growing all over the place.  I wonder if the place is closed since it’s in such disrepair. When you stand at the front door you can look in the window and see the pews, pulpit and a TV on the wall. I immediately thought what a blessing that would be if that place could be used for ministry among the many tourists. This is a quarter mile up the East Parkway right off the busy main Parkway leading all the way through Gatlinburg.

I wish we could use the TV up in there to do regular showings of Jack Chick’s Light of the World, classic Billy Graham crusades, the 180 Movie, Father of Lights and many other gospel presentations.

The Lord burdened me to place gospel tracts out at that place. We stayed in a hotel nearby. I had a few ziploc bags and filled them with several gospel tracts and I hung 2 bags on the hooks that used to carry the church sign. A few hours later I checked. One bag gone. I replaced it. And I kept replacing them several times for the duration of my stay in Gatlinburg, TN. I wish some of you who read this live near Gatlinburg and keep this up. My prayer is someone out there who got the tract bags got Jesus in their life now and turned to the Lord for all His life’s needs – most of all to be born again and set free form the chains of sin!

So if you are near Gatlinburg, Tennessee, please stop by the Little Country Church and place a bag of tracts while it seems that this little chapel sits there unused. Let’s pray that the Lord opens doors.

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Feb 09 2013

Ingo Breuer

Scripture Magnets On Your Car

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Encourage and exhort others with the word of God. If you drive a lot, thousands will see your car. So why not turn your car into a placeholder for Bible truth. Just give the word conversion van a true meaning by using your vehicle to publish and present the truth so that others get the gospel facts and can be converted to Christ.

Just imagine we could talk an old American pick up truck or conversion van and surround it with scripture magnets, Christian bumper stickers all over and drive it through a liberal, postchristian city such as Berlin, Germany. There are quarters with lots of atheists, leftists, humanists LGBT, radical Muslims plus embassies from rogue nations, tourists from all over the world … and they see the gospel message on a car. Trust God for the results. Then we can invite them into the conversion van and show them a gospel movie or let them listen to a sermon or give them gospel tracts.

Why Berlin? If you are a US taxpayer you may want to know that the US embassy uses government trucks to participate in Berlin pride fests and parades advancing the idea that it is ok for man to marry a man or a woman to marry a woman. But that violates all of history and the natural law. That is why I favor the Marriage March in Washington where concerned citizens can take a stand for traditional marriage as defined by God in the Bible. And it is not the job of the bankrupt US government to use other people’s money to fund sinful lifestyles.

Therefore, I support putting the word of God out on the highways by putting scriptures on tractor trailers, vans, busses, trucks, cars … This would be really good in areas where there are only few born again, Spirit-filled Christians such as in highly atheistic, pagan, Catholic, Mormon or areas troubled with drugs, crime, poverty, decadent wealth (Dubai, Shangai, Cyprus, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Las Vegas …).

Encourage and exhort others with the word of God. If you drive a lot, thousands will see your car. So why not turn your car into a placeholder for Bible truth. Just give the word conversion van a true meaning by using your vehicle to publish and present the truth so that others get the gospel facts and can be converted to Christ.

In Deut. 11:19,20 the people of Israel are told to post the word of God on their doorposts and gates to remind them and to teach their children. Your children need to know that the Bible is first and foremost in your life  and is the guiding authority on everything.

Consider scripture magnets as a way to reach out to your community. In a time when people tend to forget God, neglect God or act like he does not exist, it is important to use everyday life situation to remind people of God’s presence, love and plan of salvation. People need the Lord!

It is good that some people get reminded of God’s truth when they are behind you in a traffic jam and read that for one hour. It is good that some people who otherwise would not care about the Bible get confronted with the truth on your car. It is good that the arguing couple, the shrewd business man, the adulterer, the gambler get a good display of a Bible verse rebuking their sin and reminding them of righteousness. A scripture magnet on your car is a good way to fight the new disease of Biblophobia that is wreaking havoc on society. A scripture magnet can also be a rhema to a discouraged Christian to lead him back to the victorious life. A scripture magnet on the car can help us as well as others to fill our hearts with God’s word and hide it in our hearts. The best treasure you can think of! That scripture can speak to the heart of a person and do the impossible for good in their life. Your car can be a prayer closet and a missionary tool.

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