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Sep 13 2015

Ingo Breuer

MythBusters (2): It’s Hate Speech to Warn Against Sin!?

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This world puts me in a bind. As a Christian I want to speak the truth from the Bible but the world calls that “hate speech”. Esp. when warning against sin, esp. those kinds of sin that the modern crowd considers “normal” But then if I bow to the world and them what they want to hear then I am a liar because I am not telling them what the Bible says. The reason why I as a Christian speak out against sexual sin is not hate but out of love want to warn people of errors. If someone is not aware of a a hazard or danger, then it would be unloving to let people go on in error without telling them. True love would warn people that are heading for danger – for example as in traffic, financial risk, hazards at work etc. – of that source of danger and rescue them from the danger.

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May 25 2015

Ingo Breuer

MythBusters (1): Get on with your life!?

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There are five sickening words I hear all the time: “get on with you life“. Is that really possible? Have you ever met a person who got on with his or her life? Many times you hear these words in connection with the social errors of divorce or abortion or inciting someone to forsake God and quit church. I believe the term “get on with you life” is one of the many lies of the devil people use to deceive themselves and each other. A person cannot get on with their life because “your sin will find you out”, the Bible says in Numbers 32:23. You reap what you sow, according to Galatians 6:7. In other words, you can chose your actions, but not the consequences. They come without asking your permission. You can’t get on with your life because God holds you accountable for your every thought, idle word and each and every deed.

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