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Mar 19 2017

Ingo Breuer

Tell Cuba to STOP violating families’ freedom to homeschool | Sign this petition!

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Join this petition! Cuban Embassy in Washington – D.C.: Tell Cuba to STOP violating families’ freedom to homeschool:

Petition to: Cuban Embassy in Washington – D.C.

To Whom It May Concern at the Cuban Embassy in Washington, D.C.,

I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the Cuban government’s treatment of Ramón Rigal, a Cuban pastor, and his wife Adya. These parents were recently arrested for homeschooling their children.

The Rigals, and other families in Cuba, have a right to educate their children as they see fit.

Ramon and Adya decided to homeschool because they wanted a better education for their children. Article 26.3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights declares that all parents have a right to give their children the education they choose. Cuba is disrespecting this important right.

A society that forces children to learn only in public school is totalitarian. The right of people to establish private schools and to homeschool is a minimum expectation in a free nation. As Cuban-U.S. relations are normalized, we must ensure that this right is upheld.

I call upon the Cuban government to immediatelyacknowledge the right of parents to homeschool their children and stop its mistreatment of the Rigal family.

[Your Name]

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Aug 28 2015

Ingo Breuer

Stop the forced imposition of gender ideology in EU schools

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We don’t want schools to turn into hellholes for social experiments – nowhere! People from all around the world can sign this petition to tell the EU to stop the gender craze. God created us as man and woman and it is God’s calling to be a real man and a real woman. They were made differently and not the same way. You can’t pick, select, choose or change your gender. Reproduction the way it occurs in nature requires a male and a female.
The EU Parliament makes itself ridiculous with these perverted “reports” that seek to force sexual perversion on schools and persecute as a hate crime those who criticize the queering of our culture.  We must abide faithfully in God’s ways defined in the word of God. We oppose the ungodly Redrigues Report in Jesus’ name.

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Mar 20 2014

Ingo Breuer

102 Homeschooling Sites To Follow in 2014

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Homeschooling has proven to be an enriching and character-molding experience in education and family life. While modern worldly families are off to work and always “busy” home life is reduced to sleeping, some entertainment and paying bills. Everything else happens outside the home. Modern families often do not even eat together at a family table. Have you ever noticed that the family table is part of the blessed life mentioned in Psalm 128! If you have that, count yourself blessed!

Homeschooling, however, has brought families together and made the home – not the village, not the company, not “others”, not clique – the heart and core of life. Modern society views family life as merely a customer account for consumer economy. But family life should also be productive. There are family businesses. Families worship together. Families, of course, should also be in charge of education. Not the government. We as believers in Christ do not want a society of government-dependent, government-controlled single individuals who merely “do as they please” and live out every sinful pleasure. Of government we only want protection from foreign enemies and domestic crime. Everything else in life should be self-sustaining without the aid of government. Worship, education, work, family life are all sacred areas which require basically no government intervention except as mentioned in Romans 13 – reward the good, punish the wicked!

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Apr 08 2013

Ingo Breuer

STOP Obamacrats from messing with homeschool freedom!

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Focus on the Family Executive: Homeschool Asylum Case “Critical”

The Obama administration is full of liberals who fight against parental rights and specifically the basic freedom to homeschool children. A German family who fled to Tennessee to escape German authorities who persecute Christians who homeschool. Since the Nazi days homeschooling has been outlawed in Germany and today leftists in Germany use education as their jealously held monopoly over children’s worldview training. The states of Tennessee and Georgia have issued resolutions to the German government calling for clear observation of parental rights and less government control in the family matters. To this day Germany owes us a proper response. A response that will bring freedom to those families oppressed or already crushed by the state.  Let’s make sure the Romeike family can keep the asylum status in the US instead of being deported back to Germany as some Justice Department obamacrats desire. Back in Germany this family could end up losing custody of their children. Let’s pray for this family and set our priorities on core values like faith, family and freedom! Get involved and sign this petition:

Go to

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Focus on the Family spokesman and Truth Project founder Dr. Del Tackett yesterday declared his support for HSLDA’s efforts to defend the Romeike family. Tackett believes that the U.S. government is siding with the restrictive homeschooling laws in Germany and that this could have serious implications for American homeschoolers.

“[The U.S. government] doesn’t believe that parents have a right to educate their children,” Tackett said. “It is more in line with the National Education Association that homeschooling shouldn’t be allowed. It believes that the government can best educate ‘America’s children.’ It doesn’t want another worldview taught in this country. It wants America’s children to have one worldview and one worldview only.”

In 2008, the Romeikes fled their home in Germany after facing fines and jail time and came to the U.S. seeking asylum, but now, the Obama Administration is opposing their quest for asylum by saying homeschooling is too vague and amorphous to be protected under asylum law. Their case is now set to be argued in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals on April 23 by HSLDA Chairman Mike Farris.

In addition to representing the family in court, HSLDA has also launched a petition on calling on the Obama Administration “grant full and permanent legal status to Uwe and Hannelore Romeike and their children.”

Tackett applauded the petition and urged people to sign it. “This will be the first time that I have advocated signing a petition, but I believe this is a critical issue, one that is being played out behind big media coverage and one that could put a deep chill in the rights of parents in this country to determine the educational direction of their children,” he said.

“We are appreciative of the support from Focus on the Family and encourage others to get behind these modern day Pilgrims who came to America to seek religious freedom for themselves and their children,” said Farris. For more information, go to

Please be salt and light in these last days and participate.

TN Resolution for homeschool freedom in Germany

GA Resolution for homeschool freedom in Germany

I thank those leaders in Tennessee and Georgia for issuing these resolutions. Kudos to you. We need more of you!

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