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Jan 21 2017

Welcome President Donald Trump!

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This is a welcome message for President Donald Trump. It serves as a reminder of core action items on a Christian, conservative, constitutionalist agenda. This is the inspiring to-do-list for the new administration. I pray for wisdom and strength to consistently execute a Christian agenda that will reverse the leftist-liberalism that has so destroyed and defaced America.

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Nov 06 2016

Vote conservative – Hillary for Prison

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Advice from Amsterdam

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Apr 24 2016

Stand with health official who was fired for his faith.

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Did you know that if you work for the Georgia Department of Public Health you could get fired if you believe in Biblical morality? That happened to lay minister Eric Walsh. Government had to spy on his sermons to see if they were politically correct. He preached against evolution and proclaimed that homosexuality is sin. The state of Georgia now seems to cooperate with the corporate bullies who wage war against Christianity and seem to work to together to remove any form of American Exceptionalism and Christian heritage. Corporations try to profit from globalism and merging everything into a one-world culture/government/religion. This corporate path of action is what killed traditional country music, killed the American car, and killed American churches.

Right away, you want to sign this petition to stand with Eric Walsh who got fired by the Georgia DPH for his sermons.

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Mar 02 2016

Donald Trump: You’re Fired!!!

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Donald Trump Must End His Campaign Bid – Unfit for Presidency

Donald Trump is unfit for the presidency of the United States and here is why:

  • He is not pro-life. He will continue to fund Planned Parenthood and abortion-on-demand. He will not work hard to select pro-life Supreme Court judges who will continue Scalia’s legacy of Constitutional originalism.
  • He does not defend traditional marriage. Trump will not work hard to honor marriage between one man and one woman. Trump will not work to overturn the godless failed Putsch on American democracy comitted by the Supreme Court when it tried to redefine marriage. When it comes to abortion and gay marriage, Trump is no different than Obama. He will continue the evil “change” and to “fundamentally transform” America according to an antichristian, God-hating, secular humanist path of sin.
  • Trump’s character is a problem. There is a lack of humility, too much pride, too much anger, too much arrogance. Trump displays a lack of true Christian virtues that make up effective public servants. God blesses the humble but resists the proud.
  • Trump has no political experience. He is full of himself.
  • Trump’s showmanship. Trump has worked with reality TV and America does not need actors and showmanship in the White House. There is no need for a performer and someone who wants to entertain people with populistic statements and arguments over what someone else tweeted. This entire media obsession is wrong. It would be better to have a good President who is not entertaining, cool or social but instead a  man of honesty, integrity, knowledge, wisdom, faith and character. Having character might not get you tweets and youtube views but they sure are needed when it comes to leading a nation, impacting legislation and signing it into law or nominating Supreme Court judges.

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