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May 01 2016

Worship God. Not the Stars!

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When John the Revelator began to worship an angel he was told twice not to do itbut rather worship God (Rev. 19:10 and 22:9). When the people at Lystra began to worship the apostles after a miracle healing the apostles told them not to do that because they were men of like passions (Acts 14:6-18). What is it that causes people to worship people but not God? In Acts 8:9-24 we read if a sorcerer that bewitched the people and had the people worship him as if he was some great one. Until the apostels came and preached the truth and sent this sorcerer home unemployed. What is it that causes people to worship stars and celebrities? The worship certain politicians as if they were the embodiment of a messiah who brings change and transformation. They listen to what their favorite celebrity rockstar or actress is saying on political, moral, social and spiritual issues as if they were qualified to speak on such issues and deserving of attention and obedience. But will they listen to a God-called, Holy Spirit anointed preacher? And what happens when the most wicked rock singer dies? Why they preach him into heaven for something “spiritual” he or she said years ago. Let’s face it: We live in a time of idolatry where we have become worshipers of people that we regard as stars and celebrities.

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Feb 14 2016

Why does NASA censor ‘Jesus’ from newsletter?

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According to FoxNews, the name of Jesus is not welcome in a newsletter coming from the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. A complaint has been filed on behalf of a group of Christians who work for NASA.

The censorship began last May, when the employee-based Praise and Worship Club placed an announcement in the space center’s newsletter, announcing the theme of their meeting, “Jesus is our life.”

Soon after the newsletter hit the stands, the legal department called the organizers and told them they could not use the name Jesus in their announcements. The club’s leadership was also told that “NASA would be censoring all future club announcements that featured the name, ‘Jesus’.”

That caused me to fire off an e-mail to NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden, Jr. (and you can lauch the same e-mail now):

Why does NASA censor 'Jesus' from newsletter?

Dear Mr. Bolden:

I am extremely disappointed to learn that NASA is censoring religious expression.

Specifically, I refer to the Johnson Space Center’s Praise and Worship Club being told they can no longer use the name "Jesus" in newsletter publications.

This, sir, is religious discrimination and should not be tolerated by you or NASA.

I urge you to investigate this unconstitutional action by those responsible and work to rescind the censorship orders given to the club.

In an age where America has stooped so low as to cowtow to every wish of Muslim communities, investors and regimes, such forms of discrimination against Christians within their own homeland cannot be accepted. NASA should proudly look back on generations of astronauts who confessed faith in Christ and took their Bible on the spaceship and all the way to the moon. NASA can be proud of astronauts like James Irwin who were firm believers in Christ and defended the belief in the Genesis account of creation. NASA can be proud of professing Christians on their staff such as the Space Shuttle Commander Rick Husband who was killed in the 2003 Columbia accident. Your policy of trying to stamp out the name of Jesus smears the memory of those NASA heroes. I ask you to step in immediately and bring an end to this hostile foolishness of intolerant God-haters who want to bring down the morale of any institutions by hindering people from freely living out their true identity. We are sick and tired of of being forced to compartmentalize our lives into sacred and secular as if we had a split personality. When we come to work we do not give up our Christian identity. Nobody in America should be required to hide his Christian faith to bring home a paycheck. It is not expedient for a business or an administration of people have to trade in their faith and their conscience for a paycheck. It is disastrous to individual liberty when "corporate identity" requires employees to take on another identity when they punch the time clock and leave behind their real identity.

America needs to get back as one nation under God. That simply is this country's manifest destiny. Censoring the name of Jesus off an internal newsletter reminds me of communist Russia with its state-enforced atheism. Don't copy the mistakes of the enemies.

Yours in Christ,


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Dec 26 2015

The Lord’s Maid and The Lord’s Servant

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Key Scriptures:

And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her. Luke 1:38.

Paul, a servant of God,… Titus 1:1, Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ, … 2. Pe. 1:1

Nativity Scene

We live in an age of over-inflated egos. Children are misled to grow up with the idea that they are “rockstars” and little “princesses”. When a youngster raised on hellevision and public re-education is told to do something they roll their eyes and say “I am not your maid”. Even Christians jump on the bandwagon of the over-inflated egos and proudly proclaim “I am a child of the king”. Have we forgotten that the apostles of Christ thought of themselves as “servants”. Yes, they knew they were a child of God but they had the attitude of a servant. They wanted to do that which is pleasing to the Lord. They truly are children of the king. But that very reason caused them to be clothed with humilty. Consider 1. Peter 5:5 “Yea, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble.”

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Dec 23 2015

There Really Is A Santa Claus!

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Many children grow up with the belief in Santa Claus who lives on the Northpole, rides his reindeer sleigh and brings presents on Christmas by climbing through the chimney. In other countries there are the traditions of “Father Christmas”, “Sinterklaas”, “Saint Nick” or Nicholas. Then as those children grow up they are coldheartedly told “There is no Santa Claus!” And for many children this is a moment of disillusionment from which they will not recover for he rest of their lives. They were led to believe in this man of goodness and generosity and later they are deliberately being disappointed and left with the impression that in reality only vice and greed exists while true goodness is just a “fairytale”. I believe it is both stupid and immoral to lead children to believe something and then later tell them it’s not true. We as Christians want to teach children the truth.  We are like John: it is our greatest joy to see children walk in truth.

Santa Claus

If it is my effort and goal to teach children about the truth of God, the Savior Jesus Christ and the need for personal salvation, then it is counter-productive when I let them believe in Santa Claus and then later at age 10 tell them that wasn’t true. Then I am guilty of deliberately misleading and confusing a child. After all, that child might logically think: “If all this story about Santa is not true, then all this talk about Jesus might not be true either.” So once again, our society is guilty of the most destructive social patterns of behavior. Instead of avoiding such mistakes, people by the millions jump for it and go right ahead and make such mistakes and end up miserable because they have not followed the Bible.

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