The Prayers Of Jesus Christ

1. We must not attempt to “fulfill righteousness” without prayer – God answers promptly and unmistakably. The Jordan. Luke 3:21-22
2. The duty of early morning prayer – of secret prayer; also that we should enter our daily duties with prayer. “A solitary place,” Capernaum. Mark 1:35. See Isa. 26:9. Ps. 5:3; 43:1.
3. To withdraw from the multitude and pray in secret. Chorazin – Wilerness. Luke 5:16. See Matt. 6:5
4. Every work designed to advance God’s glory should open with prayer; we should not limit the time. Capernaum – Mountain. Luke 6:12. See 1. Thes. 5:17. Col. 4:2. Ps. 55:17.
5. We musty be as babes if we would receive Divine Light; we should be thankful for what seems good in God’s sight. Nain. Matt. 11:25,26. See. Isa. 28:9. Matt. 15:36.
6. The duty of giving thanks at each meal. Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, Emmaus. Luke 22:19; 24:30. Matt. 26:26-27.
7. The duty of closing the day’s work with prayer. Bethsaida – Mountain. Matt. 14:23. John 6:15. See Ps. 55:17.
8. The duty of social prayer. Mt. Tabor. Luke 9:28-29.
9. The duty of frequent secret prayer. Dist. of Caes. Philippi. Luke 9:18.
10. We should recognize God’s power; God hears prayer at all times. Bethany. John 11:41-42. See Ps. 123:1-2.
11. We should learn of Jesus how to pray. Gethsemane. Luke 11:1-4. See Matt. 6:7-8.
12. “Of such is the kingdom of Heaven” Brothers of Judea. Matt. 19:13. Seee 1. Pet. 2:1-2. Matt. 18:5. Ps. 3:2.
13. Not to pray for deliverance even from the severest sufferings, but seek God’s glory in all things. Jerusalem – Temple. John 12:27-28. See John 13:31-32. Phil. 1:20-21.
14. We should remember first in all our prayers,God’s glory; we should so live that we may at death, say with Jesus, “I have glorified thee on the earth; I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do;” it is our duty to pray for others. Jerusalem – Upper Chamber. John 17.
15. The duty of intercessory prayer. Jerusalem – Upper Chamber. Luke 22:32.
16. The thrice uttered prayer of Jesus’ agony should teach us: 1st, A higher sense of His sufferings for us. 2nd, That it is not wrong to be “exceeding sorrowful.” 3rd, While we pray to be delivered from evil, to say from the heart, “not as I will but as thou wilt.” Gethsemane. Matt. 26:36-44. Mark 14:32-40. Luke 22:40-44
17. That we must pray for our bitterest enemies. Calvary. Luke 23:24. See Matt. 5:44.
18. The love that induced our Saviour to bear such sufferings for us as called for this prayer should teach us to love Him more and more each day. Calvary. Matt. 27:46. Mark 15:34. See John 19:30.
19.May we be able to utter the same glorious prayer. Calvary. Luke 23:46.
20. May we share therein. Bethany. Luke 24:50-51.

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