448 Reasons Why I Cannot Trust Any Modern Bible Version!


Romans to Revelation
1:16——”of Christ” is omitted
1:29——”fornication” is omitted
1:31——”implacable” is omitted
3:22——”and upon all” is omitted
6:11——”our Lord” is omitted
8:1——–”who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” is omitted
8:16——”itself” is changed to “himself”
9:28——”and cut it short in righteousness” is omitted
9:31——”of righteousness” is omitted
9:32——”of the law” is omitted
10:15—-”of peace” is omitted
11:6——”But if it be of works, then is it no more grace: otherwise work is no more work.” is omitted
13:9——”thou shalt not bear false witness” is omitted
14:6——”and he that regardeth not the day, to the Lord he doth not regard it.” is omitted
14:9——”and rose” is omitted
14:10—-”Christ” is changed to “God”
14:21—-”or is offended, or is made weak.” is omitted
15:29—-”of the gospel” is omitted
16:18—-”Jesus” is omitted
16:24—-Entire verse omitted or placed in brackets

1 Corinthians
1:21——”foolishness of preaching” is omitted
2:4——-”man’s” is omitted
2:13—–”holy” is omitted
5:4——-”Christ” is omitted
5:5——-”Jesus” is omitted
5:7——-”for us” is omitted
6:20—–”and in your spirit, which are God’s.” is omitted
7:1——-”touch” is changed to “marry” or “sexual relations”
7:34—–”There is difference also between a wife and a virgin.” is omitted
7:39—–”by the law” is omitted
9:1——”Christ” is omitted
9:18—–”of Christ” is omitted
9:22—–”as” is omitted
10:9—–”Christ” is changed to “Lord”
10:11—-”all” is omitted
10:28—-”for the earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof:” is omitted
11:24—-”take eat” and “broken” are omitted
11:29—-”unworthily” and “Lord’s” are omitted
14:25—-”and thus” is omitted
15:47—-”the Lord” is omitted
15:55—-”grave” is changed to “death”
16:22—-”Jesus Christ” is omitted
16:23—-”Christ” is omitted

2 Corinthians
2:15——”are” is changed to “are being”
2:17——”corrupt” is changed to “peddle”
4:6——-”Jesus” is omitted
4:10——”the Lord” is omitted
4:14——”by” is changed to “us” (change give implication that Christ will be raised on the last day when the Christians will be raised. It
denies the resurrection of Christ on the Third day.)
5:18——-”Jesus” is omitted
6:9——–”chastened” is changed to “beaten or punished”
7:4——–”Great is my boldness of speech toward you, great is my glorying of you” is changed to “I have confidence in you or great is my
pride in you”
8:4——–”that we would receive” is omitted
10:4——”through God” is omitted
10:7——”Christ’s” second usage is omitted
11:31—-”our” is changed to “the” – “Christ” is omitted
12:11—-”in glorying” is omitted
13:2——”I write” is omitted

1:3——-”our” is changed to “the”
2:20—–”nevertheless I live” is changed to “I do not live” or “I no longer live”
3:1——”that ye should not obey the truth” is omitted
3:17—-”In Christ” is omitted
4:7——”through Christ” is changed to “through God”
4:24—-”the” before two covenants is omitted
5:12—-”even cut off which trouble you” is changed to “emasculate or castrate”
5:21—-”murders” is omitted
6:15—-”in Christ Jesus” is omitted
6:17—-”the Lord” is omitted

1:18—-”understanding” is changed to “heart”
3:9——”by Jesus Christ” is omitted
3:14—-”of our Lord Jesus Christ” is omitted
4:6——”you” is omitted
4:9——”first” is omitted
5:9——”Spirit” is changed to “light”
5:30—-”of his flesh, and of his bones” is omitted
6:10—-”my brethren” is omitted
6:18—-”all prayer” is omitted

1:16-17-Order is reversed in the modern versions – Verse 16 is 17 and verse 17 is 16.
3:3——”worship God in the Spirit” is changed to “worship in or by the Spirit of God”
3:16—-”let us mind the same thing” is omitted
4:13—-”Christ” is omitted
4:23—-”our” is changed to “the” – “you all” is changed to “your spirit” – “Amen” is omitted
1:2——”and the Lord Jesus Christ” is omitted
1:14—-”through his blood” is omitted
1:28—-”Jesus” is omitted
2:2——”and of the Father” is omitted
2:11—-”of the sins” is omitted
2:18—-”not” is omitted (reverses meaning of passage)
3:6——”on the children of disobedience” is omitted
3:13—-”Christ” is changed to “Lord”
4:8—–”he might know your estate” is changed to ”know things about us or our circumstances” thus reversing the meaning of this
4:15—”Nymphas” and “his” are changed to “Nympha” and “her” – (A masculine name in the Greek is changed to feminine name in the
modern English texts.)

1 Thessalonians
1:1—–”from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.” is omitted
2:3—–”deceit” is changed to “error”
2:15—”their own” is changed to “the
2:19—”Christ” is omitted
3:11—”Christ” is omitted
3:13—”Christ” is omitted
5:27—”holy” is omitted

2 Thessalonians
1:8—–”Christ” is omitted
1:12—”Christ” is omitted

1 Timothy
1:1—–”Lord” is omitted
1:17—-”wise” is omitted
2:7—–”in Christ” is omitted
3:3—–”not greedy of filthy lucre” is omitted
3:16—”God” is changed to “he”
4:12—”in spirit” is omitted
5:4—-”good and” is omitted
5:16—”man or” is omitted – “them” is changed to “her”
5:21—”Lord” is omitted
6:5—–”from such withdraw thyself” is omitted
6:7—–”it is certain” is omitted
6:19—”eternal” is omitted

2 Timothy
1:11—”of the Gentiles” is omitted
2:19—”Christ” is changed to “Lord”
4:1—–”therefore” and “Lord” are omitted
4:22—”Jesus Christ” and “Amen” are omitted

1:4—-”the common faith” is changed to “a common faith” giving the suggestion there is more than one specific faith – “mercy” is omitted –
“the Lord” is omitted
2:7—-”sincerity” is omitted

6——–”Jesus” is omitted
12 —– “thou therefore receive him” is omitted

1:3—–”by himself” and “our” are omitted
2:7—–”and didst set him over the works of thy hands:” is omitted
3:1—–”Christ” is omitted
3:6—–”his own house” is changed to “God’s house” – “firm unto the end” is omitted
3:16—-”howbeit not all” is omitted
6:10—-”labor of” is omitted
7:21—-”after the order of Melchisedec” is omitted
8:12—-”and their iniquities” is omitted
10:9—-”O God” is omitted
10:30—”saith the Lord” is omitted
10:34—”in heaven” is omitted
11:11—”was delivered of a child” is omitted
11:13—”and were persuaded of them” is omitted
11:37—”was tempted” is omitted
12:20—”or thrust through with a dart” is omitted

1:26—-”among you” is omitted
2:20—-”dead” is changed to “useless”
4:4——”adulterers and” is omitted
5:16—-”faults” is changed to “sins”

1 Peter
1:16—-”be ye holy” is changed to “ye shall be holy” (change makes it to be a future action when the Christian is made holy at the moment
of salvation)
1:22—-”through the Spirit” and “pure” are omitted
1:23—-”for ever” is omitted
2:2——”that ye may grow thereby” is changed to “grow into salvation” (makes the verse teach that a person is saved by studying the
Scriptures instead of grace)
4:1——”for us” is omitted
4:14—-”on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part he is glorified.” is omitted
5:8——”because” is omitted
5:10—-”Jesus” is omitted
5:11—-”glory and” is omitted
5:12—-”wherein ye stand” is changed to “stand ye fast therein” (the believer stands or abides in the true grace because that is where
God has placed us but the verse in the modern versions is reversed making it a suggestion to stand therein)
5:14—-”Jesus. Amen” is omitted

2 Peter
1:21—-”holy” is omitted before “men of God”
2:4—–”into chains” is omitted
2:17—-”for ever” is omitted
3:2—–”us the” is changed to “your” (removes the authority of Peter and the other eleven Apostles and shifts the focus to some one else)
3:9—–”us-ward” is omitted
3:10—”in the night” is omitted – “burned up” is replaced with “laid bare or judgment” in some of the versions.
3:12—-”hasting” is replaced by “hastening”

1 John
1:7—-”Christ” is omitted
2:7—–”from the beginning” is omitted
3:5—–”our” is omitted (making the verse sound like universal salvation)
3:14—”his brother” is omitted
4:3—–”Christ is come in the flesh” is omitted
4:9—–”begotten” is omitted
4:19—”him” is omitted
5:7—-”in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.” is omitted
5:8—-”And there are three that bear witness in earth” is omitted
5:13—”and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.” is omitted

2 John
3——”Lord” is omitted
9——”of Christ” second usage is omitted

1——-”sanctified” is omitted
4——-”Lord God” is omitted
25—–”wise” is omitted

1:8—–”the beginning and the ending” is omitted
1:9—–”Christ” is omitted twice in this verse
1:11—”I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and” is omitted
2:9—–”works and” is omitted
2:13—-”I know they works” is omitted
2:15—-”which thing I hate” is omitted
5:10—-”us” is changed to “them” – “kings” is changed to “kingdom” – “we” is changed to “they” (the modern versions take away the reality
that the Christians will be made kings in God’s Kingdom. By changing “us” and “we” to third person plural words, it gives the idea
that someone else, rather than “us” are going to be the kings.
5:14—-”four” and “twenty” and “him that liveth forever and ever” are omitted
6:1——”see” is omitted
6:3——”see” is omitted
6:17—-”his” is changed to “their” (denying the wrath is emanating from the Lamb)
8:7——”the third part of the earth” was added to the corrupt Greek text by means of Codex Sinaiticus and Alexandrinus but it is not in the
Textus Receptus.
8:13—-”angel” is changed to “eagle”
11:17—”and art to come” is omitted – “and has reigned” is changed to “begun to reign” (this change in the modern versions makes it
sound like Christ was not already reigning)
12:12—”the inhabiters of” is omitted
12:17—”Christ” is omitted
13:1—–”I stood upon the sand of the sea” is changed to “the dragon stood on the shore of the sea”
14:5—-”before the throne of God” is omitted
15:3—-”saints” is changed to “ages or nations”
16:5—-”O Lord” is omitted
16:17—”of Heaven” is omitted
18:20—”holy apostles and prophets” is changed to “ye saints, ye apostles, and ye prophets” (this change takes the fact that the apostles
and prophets were holy men)
19:1—-”the Lord” is omitted
19:2—-”at her hand” is omitted
19:8—-”righteousness” is changed to righteous acts” (this change gives the appearance that works will get a person to Heaven)
20:9—-”God out of” is omitted
20:12–”God” is changed to “throne”
21:4—-”God” is changed to “he”
21:24–”of them which are saved” is omitted
22:6—-”holy” is omitted
22:14–”do his commandments” is changed to “wash their robes or cleanse their garments”
22:19–”book” is changed to “tree”
22:21–”our” is changed to “the” – “Christ” is omitted – “you all” is changed to “saints or holy people” – “Amen” is omitted in some versions

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