Nov 30 2018

Ingo Breuer

SIGN THE PETITION: I stand with Melania Trump against Christmas bullies

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I appreciate greatly that President Trump and the First Lady hosted the Singing Nuns of the Dominican Sisters of Mary from Ann Arbor, Michigan to sing a Christmas hymn at the lighting of the Christmas tree ceremony at the White House. Well done!

So many people are trying to attack the President by tearing down his wife. They figure that a thick-skinned Donald Trump is resistant against media bias and media hate. So they attack his wife to put stress on the relationship. That is evil and diabolical and should cause more Americans to abandon the liberal media. We want to rejoice in plummeting stock prices for liberal media corporations. Those idols hve to come down.

This is why I encourage you to stand with Melania Trump against the Christmas bullies. Please sign this petition here:

I appreciate the singing nuns. We have to remember that the previous administration was harassing a convent of Catholic nuns with the pro-abortion mandate of Obamacare. That was the Little Sisters of the Poor. The singing nuns  of the Dominican Sisters of Mary have released an interesting CD of their worship music. To find out about that, please go to their website:

The Sisters will be singing at the White House Christmas Tree Lighting!





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