Jul 17 2018

Ingo Breuer

2 Hours+ Southern Gospel Music Recorded On WSOF in 1997.

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Over 2 hours of old-fashioned gospel music from radio station WSOF Madisonville, Kentucky, USA. That music has the joy of the Lord in it. These really are the wonderful sounds of faith. If you are down, this music will lift you up and get you shouting and praising the Lord Jesus Christ!
Recorded on cassette tape back in 1997.

This radio station still broadcasts the same type of old-fashioned gospel music today. Check it out:

They can also be found on the tunein app. This is what I use to listen to them. I am glad they have not changed to Christian rock. I am thankful that there are Christian people out there that faithfully abide in the old time way. I was blessed to be at the church in 1998. I was visiting from Germany. As we drove on they played The Steele’s with “We Want America Back” and I remember the goose bumps today. I just wanted to shout and clap my hands and praise the Lord.

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