Jun 03 2018

Ingo Breuer

North Korea Conference with President Trump on June 12

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1953-2018, “End of Korean War” Anniversary

1983-2018, KAL007 Anniversary

The conference between US President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in Singapore is back on the schedule after talks between President Trump and a senior North Korean envoy.

We have no idea what  this conference may bring. The leftist press might take advantage of it to further whitewash a brutal communist dictator and further tarnish a president who has so far delivered well on a conservative agenda. As a believer I am in prayer about such a meeting. Jesus taught us the principle of reciprocity in Matthew 7:12: All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.” There has to be a balance and a benefit for both sides in negotiations. For example, it would be wrong to enter into negotiations from a weak position where one side only gives and the other only takes. Such has been the foul Iran deal. The US pays billions to the Iranians, the EU earns billions through exports to Iran and Iran can have its way and fund its national and military interest all under the guise of “peace”. Europeans are crazy about exporting to Muslim countries. Because of their dying populations sales to foreign countries are their only lifeline. Europeans don’t buy stuff because they are overtaxed by their socialist national governments and the Brussels uber-government. European politician usually exclude conservative, Christian interests from their politics because their interests are not in line with globalist elites running the continent. That’s not a good example of reciprocity.

So I pray that North Korea will come to the point where the brutal persecution of Christians will end. It would be good if President Trump could address this very issue: the opening of prison doors in North Korea! North Korea needs to be scolded for its human rights record and the stupid media should get on board in withdrawing all moral supports for a communist wacko regime. I pray that President Trump is an anti-communist at heart.  A healthy anticommunism would do this world a whole lot of good.

I also need to raise a caution flag: There was an American in 1983 who was traveling to Seoul, South Korea to give a speech at the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the signing of the United States–South Korea Mutual Defense Treaty in Seoul. This American never arrived in Seoul and nobody today can say for sure what happened to him and the other passengers on board Korean Air Lines flight 007. Because the Soviets shot down this airplane over Moneron Island almost 35 years ago on September 1, 1983. Aboard this plane was US Congressman Larry McDonald, a Democrat from Georgia and at the time one of the most conservative solons in Washington besides Ron Paul. The other most conservative congressman suddenly died in 1982: John Ashbrook from Ohio. The early 1980s were strange: shots fired on a conservative pope in Rome, shots fired on conservative President Reagan, John Ashbrook dead and Larry McDonald either dead or captive by the Soviets. Neither wreckage or survivors were found. And only the Russians know what they pulled out of the Pacific before Japanese, Korean or American ships arrived at the scene where the plane either crashed or made a water landing. Though I wonder if the US dispatched some SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance planes. I wonder what the photos might show of the scene on or near Moneron island? Could they see the Boeing 747? Are there Soviet ships on the scene? Are survivors seen? Where did the ships go? If the Soviets seized the wreckage of the plane, what did it look like and where did they take it? The unanswered questions go on and on. Has America forgotten?

2018 marks an anniversary year again: July 27 marks the 65th anniversary of the end of the Korean war. September 1, 2018 marks the 35th anniversary of the Soviet massacre of flight KAL 007.

I pray for God’s blessings on the Air Force One flight to Singapore carrying President Trump. Nations like North Korea and China simply cannot be trusted. Communists are neither philanthropists nor pacifists. They are not Christian and not charitable. They are materialistic, deceptive and extremely selfish. The only ethics they know is situational ethics. They have no absolutes, no fundamental or core values, and they know no accountability to Almighty God.  Before going into any kind of negotiation with them, one has to be aware of that. Chinese or North Koreans have all been raised by educational systems that systematically spread hatred against America. Very similar to where Palestinians educational systems inculcate children with a hatred for Israel. So, President Trump has to be careful. North Korea might be aware of the leftist bias in the western media and might play with that.  So instead of serious negotiations they might lead the President into a trap where Singapore becomes a stage for the North Koreans to mock the US and make the President a fool before the world. The leftist media would actually aid and abet in the communist anti-American propaganda anti-Americanism is rampant in most of the western media nowadays. Most liberals have swallowed the communist ideology hook, line and sinker and build their entire careers on it.

So we pray that the Lord would confound the desires on the wicked and bring it back upon their own heads. We ask for a hedge of protection on the president and on the North Korean Christians that have faced such brutal and long persecution. We give this upcoming conference into the Lord’s hands. Our trust is not in man, not in a President, but only in the Lord Jesus Christ whose name is above all names and who is the Prince of Peace, King of Kings and Lord of Lords who will judge this world in righteousness. To Him has all power been given on earth and in heaven.

I pray that the American delegation will not forget the life and example of the late Dr. Larry McDonald. I pray that this upcoming conference is carried out in the spirit of this great Christian leader from Georgia.

Technically, the Korean war has not ended yet. An armistice has been signed. Not a peace treaty. So we ask God’s blessings on the upcoming meeting. I hope it will seek the peace of the people in North Korea so that they can be  freed from communist deception and return to the Christian faith that once was so strong in North Korea. We pray for one Korea as a Christian nation in Asia. What a blessing that God has placed Christian countries in Asia like South Korea and the Philippines. I believe the Holy Ghost is using these nations to reach out and touch the other Muslim and communist countries to come to Christ.  Let Him be exalted in all.

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