Jun 29 2018

Ingo Breuer

My Public Comment on HHS Protect Life Rule

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The Trump Administration recently announced the Protect Life Rule at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). This rule would stop Title X funding for organizations that perform or refer to abortions. This would affect big abortion industry like Planned Parenthood. The regulation was first instituted during the Reagan Administration and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, but then eliminated by President Clinton, and never reinstated. I am glad President Trump now walks the talk and enforces these laws. Just like he enforced the already existing law to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. Signed into law by Bill Clinton, Democrat, now Trump enforced it to where the US now does what it says. Actions speak louder than words.

The rule is now open for public comment at HHS. Thousands of comments already have been submitted. Now is the time to make your voice heard.

Your comment may be viewable on Regulations.gov once the agency has reviewed it. This process is dependent on agency public submission policies/procedures and processing times. Use your tracking number to find out the status of your comment.

Agency: Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
Document Type: Rulemaking
Title: Compliance with Statutory Program Integrity Requirements
Document ID: HHS-OS-2018-0008-0001

Dear Sir or Madam:
I am thankful that President Donald Trump established the Protect Life Rule. Title X funds should never be used to promote the killing of the life of an unborn baby. Abortion is not a form of family planning but it is a form of family destruction because it involves the taking of an innocent life. Regardless of the so-called “Roe vs. Wade” Supreme Court decision, the United States Constitution in Article 14 declares that “nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty or property”. Science has established that personhood begins long before birth. Therefore, the US Constitution declares the “Roe vs. Wade” decision to be null and void, and thus unconstitutional. In a Judeao-Christian civilization it has been the principle that life begins at conception. This principle alone is the basis for human dignity and protecting human lives from abuse and bodily harm. It is immoral to speculate or haggle about when life begins or when personhood can be established. Or else our rights are no longer inalienable but can be qualified away by the whims of unjust laws or judicial tyranny.
It is immoral to hand federal money to an organization like Planned Parenthood since they have been implicated in criminal trafficking with human body parts harvesting from unborn babies. They have even been guilty of killing babies in botched abortions. Such criminal actions by Planned Parenthood should not be funded with Title X dollars but should rather be prosecuted by the FBI with guilty Planned Parenthood facilities being shut down by police and raided for incriminating evidence.
According to the abortion clock (numberofabortions.com) there have been 60,528,977 abortions in the USA since 1973. Since 1970, Planned Parenthood has killed 8,148,878 unborn babies in their mothers’ womb. This year alone Planned Parenthood has taken 172,635 lives. These shocking numbers prove that the current practive of “abortion on demand” is no longer moral, no longer tenable, no longer feasible, no longer accountable and no longer sustainable.
It will require emergency action to radically reduce these horrible mass killings of unborn babies. Abortion can no longer be a legal “business model” for clinics. This practice of habitual killings does not deserve federal funding. With a US national debt of $21,179,080,364,000 we should be concerned with dead-serious debt reduction and cutting back federal budgets instead of funding such an evil practice as abortion. In this light we must consider to further dismantle federal handouts like Title X funding.
In the light of the above numberse, our motivation must be to save lives! The success in the “Compliance with Statutory Program integrity Requirements” is measured in lives of unborn babies saved. Therefore, these rules should require that a state such as California does not violate the rights of pro-life pregnancy centers that encourage women/families to receive the child or use adoption services.
This laws of this land should not stand guilty before Almighty God in sanctioning the killing of unborn babies. We must save lives and help keep families together. The United States cannot afford to go down the drain with adultery, abortion and divorce. Families must stay together so they can be the anchor of society and stable families are needed esp to hand down family businesses and wealth. Through easy divorce wealth often is being destroyed and people live in increasing poverty. Americans must once again learn the value of fidelity and chastity. Such moral integrity would prevent the complicated situations that create demand for abortion. Marital fidelity and purity outside of marriage will ensure that every child has father and mother together.
In order to build such a strong society, we should no longer share federal revenues with those who politicize pregnancy and demand the killing of an unborn baby as a “right”. The United States government should weigh in and help people understand that a baby is child – not a choice.
Please act immediately to establish these new rules and help defund those who kill the unborn or illegally traffick with body parts of aborted babies. The Unites States government needs to use all legal force to ensure that such trafficking and killing is prosecuted and duly punished.

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Public Comments Open on Protect Life Rule that Will End Planned Parenthood’s Title X Funding

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