Apr 08 2018

Ingo Breuer

Turkey Must Release Pastor Andrew Brunson from Prison!

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Makes me sick to see how the western countries get flooded with immigrants, falsely so called, who come with an arrogant entitlement attitude. But their home countries where Mohammedanism is the state religion does not grant basic religious freedom to Christians. Now an American missionary is in Turkey in prison under false charges of belonging to a “terrorist group”. Please sign this petition above to raise your voice for this pastor. Let us pray for him that the Lord will use this incident for His glory to get the gospel back into Turkey. Once Paul the Apostle was in prison and he was writing letters to churches located in what today comprises Turkey. Maybe the Lord can use Pastor Brunson’s prison time in mighty ways that neither us nor Turkish president Erdogan can fathom. We give all praise to the Lord in this. But don’t muzzle your voice but raise your voice in prayer and in petitioning your government and the government of Turkey.

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