Apr 04 2018

Ingo Breuer

Brandon Gillespie – pro-life student walk-out organizer: we’ve got your back! | Sign this petition!

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Join this petition! Brandon Gillespie: Brandon Gillespie – pro-life student walk-out organizer: we’ve got your back!:


A bunch of so-called walk-outs have been organized by leftists against “gun violence”. All of this is very partisan. Schools should not be owned by the America-hating, God-hating and life-hating crowd. So it is really a breath of fresh air that now there is a student who organizes a pro-life walk-out that is directed against the brutal abortion violence.

In these days it is really necessary for students that are saved to say NO to school activities that come from leftist, liberal whackos. We cannot give room to those whose brains are occupied with perversion, killing the unborn and denying the very God who is the author of life and the creator of this world.

The message of repentance from sin and faith in Jesus Christ must be brought into the schools. Many of our youth are lost and on their way to hell. The sad thing is that most of them don’t even know because they are too busy getting entertained by a godless media system that tries to make the prodigal son comfortable in the far country. Education means that the light of truth gets into people. You can’t really get any sense, truth of light apart from the Bible. The Bible is a must in education.

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