Mar 10 2018

Ingo Breuer

Discovering a Ten Commandments Monument In The Philippines

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Visiting the grotto mountain in Tandag City, Philippines where you find a Shrine of our Lady of Lourdes and a Ten Commandments display. On a hill overlooking this Philippine city I found this Ten Commandments monument. In a world that tends to forget God and the things of God – eternity, salvation, judgment, righteousness – there need to be reminders put in the way of saints and sinners alike that remind us of the things of God. We never bow to the atheists who want to have every remembrance of God struck out of public, education and media simply because they hate the thought of accountability to a Supreme Being. For the atheist every remembrance of accountability to God spells out this scathing sentence: failed life!

The Ten Commandments show us God’s standards for us. Such as not to kill by committing murder. But abortion is the silent killer in our generation. From communist to decadent western cultures, this killer is wiping out generations. This is another monument I found in the city of Butuan, Philippines. The Knights of Columbus erected this memorial to the unborn killed by abortion. That should get people to think:


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