Sep 09 2017

Ingo Breuer

Tell Republican majority to defund Planned Parenthood!

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Both President Trump and Congress got voted in on pro-life rhetoric, but so far they failed to defund Planned Parenthood. The killing is still going on and blood is on our hands. Please sign the following letter. It will be mailed to Senate Majority Leader McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Tell Republican majority to defund Planned Parenthood!

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End date: Dec 31, 2017

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1Ingo BreuerSep 09, 2017

It is a shame that Planned Parenthood was involved in selling baby body parts and that this government is not prosecuting the criminals but rather bullying and harassing the whistleblowers who exposed the crimes. California is about as bad as it can get when it comes to politicians and judges paid off by anti-life lobbyists. The judge who fines David Daleiden, who exposed the Planned Parenthood trade with baby body parts, is himself involved on the board of an organization that houses a Planned Parenthood clinic. California is somewhat of a socialist totalitarian “republic” including censorship by Silicon Valley social media corporations who were ordered by a judge to remove videos by Daleiden which exposed the Planned Parenthood scandal.

Let it be known that we want Planned Parenthood completely off the map and no longer messing with children and youth. We want a wall of separation between PP and youth.  That would be the least common denominator of simple, basic, down-to-earth “justice for all”. California severs as the primary example of the way it ought not to be.



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