Sep 02 2017

Ingo Breuer

Jailed Pro-Lifer, Mary Wagner, asking for your help. Write to the Judge!

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A Canadian pro-lifer has been jailed because she walked into an abortion clinic and gave pregnant women a rose and offered them help to carry out their baby and give them a true solution instead of having their unborn babies killed. In Canada unborn children are not properly protected by law and not even considered human beings. Mary Wagner has been doing pro-life witnessing in Canada for a long time and faced repeated jail times.

On September 12 there is a sentencing hearing because of her “mischief and probation violations”. So offering pro-life help is considered mischief in Canada? She could face up to 18 months of imprisonment.

In preparataion for that hearing Mary Wagner is asking for the Christian public’s help in sending letters to the judge as a character reference and in support of the unborn children she is trying to save from being killed during abortions.

There are several ways you can write Judge Libman.

  • There is a prepared letter you can e-mail at this link:

  • You can directly e-mail the judge and send a copy of your e-mail to Mary Wagner. Follow the instructions in this article:

  • I wrote the following statement to Justice Libman:

Mary Wagner should be free to continue her pro-life work!

Dear Justice Libman,

I am writing you in support of Mary Wagner who has been jailed for an unusually long time because of her pro-life work.

I really want to commend Mary Wagner for the help she offers women in pointing them to ways to keep their child and not have it killed.

Isn’t it the purpose of government and esp. the justice system to protect innocent lives? Isn’t it a shame that in Canada’s criminal codes unborn babies are denied the fundamental right to life and no longer considered human beings. I am writing your from Germany where the infamous Nazis changed the laws of the land to define who is a human being and who is not. Don’t repeat that mistake!

The “law of the land” is always undergoing change. Some of that change is for the worse. Our laws are only just when the people have a good idea of what is right and what is wrong. The Bible and especially God’s commandments are a higher law that direct our national law. When God said “Thou shalt not kill” we have no right to define whom we can kill legally or illegally. Killing is always wrong. Therefore, abortion is wrong. Women are being lied to. Abortion is offered as a safe and easy procedure to undo a mistake. But it leaves life-long wounds – physically, mentally and spiritually. The conscience is always depressed about the thought of that baby that is no more. Whose life has been taken.

Canada is heading in the wrong direction esp. under Justin Trudeau who is a radical socialist-leftist with an ultra-extreme and anti-christian values. A Christian like Mary Wagner should not be jailed or imprisoned just because Trudeau’s government steers Canada more toward socialist policies instead of policies that honor faith, family and freedom.

What good is a criminal justice system that does not protect innocent lives? What good is found in a society that punishes those who want to change lives and see happy mothers with children? The case of Mary Wagner shows some of the flaws in the Canadian system of society and government.

Mary Wagner was jailed for “mischief and breach of probation”. I see no mischief in her actions. I think those who put her behind bars are wrong because they did not respect Mary Wagner’s freedom to voice her opinions, her free speech and her witness for Christian values. The right to life and the role of motherhood and traditional family are core Christian teachings from the Bible. So there must be religious freedom and a right to publicly express those beliefs and teachings.

I pray for Justin Trudeau to turn around and repent. I pray for Mary Wagner to be freed and to continue her ministry so she can touch the hearts of women everywhere. No jail, no imprisonment, no court system can stop. Freedom of conscience is above the mere letter of the “law of the land”. What good is the “law of the land” if the laws are unjust. It is a mere travesty of law.

It is my recommendation to you to set Mary Wagner free, to apologize for the false imprisonment and to commend her for her efforts in saving babies from being killed and offering women care and help in a time of trial.

Many people have changed their minds about abortion after watching this movie:

I recommend this movie be shown in court during the September 12 heearing as witness for the unborn children Mary Wagner wants to protect. I highly commend Mary Wagner’s character. I hereby invite her to become a co-author of my blog at to write about her pro-life witness.


Ingo Breuer

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