Sep 29 2017

Ingo Breuer

Boycott the NFL – Ending the sports idolatry

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I just told the NFL to ‘Take a STAND or lose our support!’ Thousands are getting on board the #BoycottNFL movement. Go here to find out more, and send your message to the NFL:


PS: I am one of those people whe never watched a full-length football game in the entirety of their life. I love the anthem, I love the flyover of military jets and I appreciate it if they invoke God and pray in the name of Jesus. However, I know that God is not pleased with the idolatry of sports these days. I have no admiration for these arrogant overpaid would-be half-gods ridiculously called “professional player”.

There is no reason these sports stars are elevated to be some idol or celebrity. Many Christians are guilty of worshiping these sports stars. They can’t wait to get out of church to run home to get behind the hellevision to watch this idiocy, this utter nonsense and foolishness. You are worshipping a thing of nought. Something that has no value or profit, fuitfullness or necessasry use. It is just cheap entertainment. If you like sports, then play it yourself and get some exercise. Go hiking, take walks or go swimming or something else. But don’t sit behind the TV like a bag of flour laying the barn!

It comes to my notice that people scream, yell, sacrifice and have a good time when it comes to the sports idolatry but when it comes to worship they are sick, can’t sing, can’t praise God and can’t get come alive and just endure it lethargically. Don’t blame the church or others. Blame yourself for your own apostasy and lack of love for God.

I definitely don’t support sports outlets when they turn into anti-American Antifa-type mass gatherings.  NO.

The ultra-radical over-commercialization of sports has ruined true sports and turned it into a travesty and perversion of sports. Sports has turned into organized crime for poer- and money-hungry thugs and arrogant “players” who are paid outrageous sums for accomplishing no work but just playing games. Folks, there is a difference between work and play. Now, dear Christian, get yourself signed up to oppose the NFL and just ignore the sports craze so you can start enjoying church again. It’s good to be saved!

Proudly wave old glory and salute the flag.

Let me give you a final clue:


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