Aug 20 2017

Ingo Breuer

Subversive leftist activities hurt the US

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The events in Charlottesville, VA seem so foreign to the US and almost as if all that has been staged. Leftist hate groups are busy trying to destroy the peace and sense of community that we know from small American towns and esp. rural southern towns.  As leftists unite in their hate against President trump and in their march toward an atheist society with their European allies, they increasingly become radicalized in their anti-American, anti-Israel and anti-Christian hate. Socialists always try to destroy their enemy from within by first infiltrating educational systems to deceive the youth. They are fine with allowing the older generations to die out with their conservative, Christian beliefs but they want to be sure that they have caught the youth.

There is a failure in the last 40 to 50 years to control subservive activies in our country. Congressman Larry McDonald (D-GA, 1935-1983) really analyzed it perferctly:

The subversive activities of the SPLC and ACLU need to be held in check. It is also suspicious that Apple Co. funnels money to the SPLC. And who analyzes the money trail to leftist groups from George Soros? Who will produce evidence against George Soros to get him convicted in court and sentenced? It is obvious that Soros is an anti-Christian atheist and uses his wealth to deliberately create social unrest. Such as the “Black Lives Matters” episode.

Racials issues are being pulled out of the sewers to incite hatred esp. among young people and college students. These become the willing dupes to fulfill the agenda of their billionaire “investors”and “donors”.

We as Christians should reconsider if we should continue doing business with Apple Co. I have never owned an Apple product and decide not to own one in the future because their corporate goals oppose my Christian faith. Apple sending money to a leftist fringe hate group like the SPLC simply is a no-go. I also oppose CNN’s smear campaign against the American Family Association and Liberty Counsel, two worthy Chrisian groups that defend traditional family values and first amendment rights.

If we heed the warnings by Congressman McDonald it becomes obvious that there needs to be a tough crackdown on subversive groups. Local police in Charlottesville could have handled this but they were told to stand down. Local police should always be in control and never be restricted by federal regulations.

The people who tear down confederate monuments are no different than the radical ISIS terrorists who tear down historic statues in Iraq from Babylonian sites or Christian places of worship. Government and corporate institutions should not cowtow to this new form of leftist terror. We should never remove confederate symbols form anywhere or develop self-loathing over American history. We should rather explain it and teach it rather than deny it. In particular we need to explain the value of states rights which is a a clear constitutional concept.

European leftist groups like Antifa should not be allowed to roam free with their radical communist ideas. They should be removed from the US.



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