Aug 22 2017

Ingo Breuer

Disagreement with discriminatory Amazon Smile policies

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Dear Sir or Madam:

As an amazon customer I am outraged at your extreme act of censorship and hatred toward Christian organizations. In the list of charities at I miss the American Family Association and Liberty Counsel. Why have you removed them? I do not buy into the agitprop spread by a disreputable anti-American hate group like the SPLC. You should not allow your corporation to be deceived by these bigots.

I ask you to restore American Family Association and Libety Counsel to It is utterly outrageous to see that communist and Muslims groups can be found on your list but Christian groups that try to defend Biblical family values are removed. I think your policy is wrong. I will always refuse to buy into the SPLC narrative and their fake hate map.

I sharply disagree with your policy of censoring Christian groups. This is an extreme act of injustice.

I ask your to quickly course-correct or else lose business as people are increasingly estranged by anti-American and antichristian tendencies of businesses like Amazon or Apple. Recently your recently a wave of protest from Jewish groups who rebuked you for selling Nazi literature. Rightly so. Now you overstep principles of religious freedom and censor Christian groups from your Smile program.

I ask you to change that policy and apologize to the American Family Association and Liberty Counsel.


Ingo Breuer

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