Aug 14 2017

Ingo Breuer

Biblical Manhood | What God wants the father to be like

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Many times this lost world tries to paint a certain picture of what a father is supposed to be like. Many people don’t know because of broken homes they never experienced the father’s love and guidance. The secular culture of anti-christian feminist ideology reduces the father’s role to a monthly payment of guaranteed income but does not give the father role in leading the home and guiding the child’s heart. Values are no longer being transferred from parents / church to child but from governemnt to child. As a society people are called to repent of such false concepts and return to what the Bible says. Modern churches nowadays don’t know anymore what a true Christian father or mother is supposed to act like anyway so if they ever meet one they make sure to run him off because – after all – true Christianity is too “outdated” and “old-fashioned” for the modern crowd.

Here is a list of some Biblical character traits of a father. I want to keep it short, so you can read all of it right way:

  • A father blesses his children (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob).
  • A father nurses his children (Num. 11:12). It is the idea of carrying the children like a nursing-father.
  • A father diligently teaches his children, in particular about the things of God and heand talks about God. Deut. 6. Deut. 32:7. The mother does her part of teaching and instructing but she really does it on behalf of her husband. They have a shared vision and strive together for the same goal.
  • A father pities (Psa. 103:13) his children just like God pities those who fear him. The father’s love should be a model of the Heavenly Father’s love.
  • Proverbs is a book of a father’s instruction to his children. Chapters 2 to 7 – check out how the father introduces his instruction to his children in the first few verses. The father in Proverbs speaks to the child’s heart. He is not bossing them or commanding them. He speaks from true compassion and watchcare. The father pleads with the children to obey his instruction.
  • A father gives good gifts to his children out of goodwill. Luke 11:11-13. This is not for marketing racketeers to take advantage of. Many  times the advertisers brainwash the children thru (anti)social media or hellevision to get the father’s pocketbook. This kind of giving is not about pleasing materialistic desires but comes from truly caring for what’s best for the child. So it is wrong to construe this Bible verse as an excuse for greed and covetousness shopping behaviors.
  • We are to continue in the Father’s love (John 15:9). Our Heavenly Father is characterized by love. He is not compared to a military dictator, not a drill seargant, not a screaming, yelling sports coach, not a business-like manager, …. You get the picture!
  • Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful. Luke 6:36. If our Father God is merciful, then earthly fathers should not be stingy tightwads, unmerciful, unforgiving, and only demanding achievements and successes while never showing compassion.
  • A father’s love does not end when a child strays off the path but remains unceasing and waits for the day when the child comes home. Luke 15:11-32.
  • God is the Father of mercies. 2. Cor. 1:3. When the children need comfort they should know that they can go to their earthly and also their heavenly Father.
  • Fathers do not provoke their children to anger. Eph. 6:4, Col 3:21. Therefore, no mocking, jesting, false accusing, no broken promises.
  • Fathers bring their children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Eph. 6:4. Responsibility for teaching cannot be absolved or transferred to the government. Unfortunately, many modern mothers are not aware that the father is responsible for instruction and admonition. They want a paying father but not a praying father. To the modern deceived woman a man guiding the spiritual activities of his children is a source of jealousy. Too much doting is not good.
  • A father exhorts,  comforts and charges his children (1. Thess. 2:11).
  • A father is to be intreated (1. Tim. 5:1). Ask your father! Don’t blame your father’s generation for all the evils and ills in the world. Such rebellion is ungodly.
  • A father chastens (Heb. 12:7). Yes, there is a right way of discipline, including correction with the rod. That has not changed. The Bible is right about that. Modern government and psychology are wrong about it.
  • A father needw to know God (1. John 2:13,14).
  • Father rejoices when children walk in truth (3. John 4). Apathy and “I don’t care” are wrong. A father grieves when children walk in sin or in error. But he rejoices when they act right and believe right including believing the right doctrines of the Bible and being born again.

Please read the Scripture references given here or you will not really benefit from this message.

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