Jun 09 2017

Ingo Breuer

EU Commission: Follow Spain’s lead and call for a ban on surrogacy | Sign this petition!

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The Spanish Government’s Bioethics Committee has just released a report which states that surrogacy is a form of exploitation of both women and children.

In the first instance, surrogacy is a risky procedure which takes advantage of poorer women who feel obliged to offer their bodies for the service, so as make ends meet.

And, in the second instance, surrogacy commodifies children and sacrifices their best interests on the altar of an adult’s desire for a child.

Surrogacy also severs the child-mother bond at one of the most fragile stages of a person’s development, and, thus, has lasting repercussions, experienced by both child and mother.

The only way to ensure that all women and all children are treated with dignity is to call for a worldwide ban…which is precisely what the Spanish Bioethics Committee did.

Now, we’re calling on the EU Commission to do the same.

Join this petition!

EU Commissioner for Justice – Consumers and Gender Equality – Ms Věra Jourová: EU Commission: Follow Spain’s lead and call for a ban on surrogacy:


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