Apr 16 2017

Ingo Breuer

Review: The Trail of Blood

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The Trail of Blood
The Trail of Blood by J.M. Carroll
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This will give you an overview of church history. And it will silence a lot of the myths that are out there. You always thought that Baptists are Protestants? That simply is not so. This book makes the point that there were churches with Baptist beliefs from the time of Christ till today. Baptists are not the product of the Reformation as is often taught. There were Baptists before the reformation. It is true that they did not call themselves Baptists. They did not make this their prided name tag. They simply wanted to be New Testament Christians. They mostly go their names from their enemies who tried to name them after a leader or outstanding preacher. The book outlines the awful persecution of Baptists throughout the ages. They were considered the heretics throughout the Dark Ages because their Bible beliefs in the New Birth and a saved church membership with believer’s baptism conflicted with the secular-religious authorities back then. It makes you appreciate the liberty we have today which once again is under attack.

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