Apr 16 2017

Ingo Breuer

Review: Prophecy Study Bible-KJV

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Prophecy Study Bible-KJV
Prophecy Study Bible-KJV by Tim LaHaye
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I like this Bible because of its up-to-date study tools such as maps, lists and diagrams. The emphasis in this Bible is on explaining prophetic scriptures dealing with the Lord’s return and the re-establishment of Israel. It follows a consistent dispensational, premillenial course meaning that we believe that Jesus will return to get us out of here before a time of great tribulation and before the 1000 year reign mentioned in Revelation. Dispensationalism simply means that things are not uniformly the same from Genesis to Revelation but that God’s redemptive work gradually unfolds within different eras of time. After the fall God has progressively revealed his work of redemption until the fulness of time when Jesus came and the age of grace began. And it will end with the fulness of the Gentiles (non-Jewish people) when the Lord will catch the remaining believers up to be with Him. This Bible also throws a critical light on Russia and the European Union and their potential role in waging war against God’s people. For example, Revelation 13 points to a revived Roman empire. This time an empire of commerce and secularism. This chapter also points at a one world economic system, gadgets with artificial intelligence, a chip implant for man to be connected to the world system. We see how today’s new digital technology could come into the hands of the antichrist who will abuse it to enforce mandatory worship of the devil exclude those from the economy and the supply chains who still worship Jesus.

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