Apr 16 2017

Ingo Breuer

Review: American Dictionary of the English Language

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American Dictionary of the English Language
American Dictionary of the English Language by Noah Webster
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I certainly haven’t read all of the dictionary cover to cover but for over a decade this is a reference that I use frequently in order to find the meaning of words. I often catch myself using words but when I ask myself what that one word means I don’t have words to describe it. Then I usually get my 1828 Webster’s to get a good grasp of the word. Whether in sermon preparation, blogging, essay writing this dictionary gives word definitions based on a Christian worldview. Noah Webster was an American Christian educator. Back then schools in America practiced God-centered education because they rejected the notion of secular humanism. Secular humanism is a 19th century European import and utterly un-American. I also have this dictionary as a free app on my smartphone so I don’t have to carry this roughly 4 pound huge book with me.
A preacher once said that the best books a Christian and esp. a preacher needs to study is a King James Bible, a Strong’s concordance and an 1828 Webster’s dictionary. The concordance locates the scriptures and the dictionary defines the words of scripture. Webster even includes the chapter and verse references in the Bible. To these books the preacher recommended I would only add a good old-fashioned hymn book because the old hymns contained a lot of doctrinal truth that in many of the modern worship songs cannot be found.

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