Apr 16 2017

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Review: A Sower went Forth

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A Sower went Forth
A Sower went Forth by Martha Palmer
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This is the testimony of Ralph Palmer. He is not a preacher. He was very sick but when a minister talk to him about his soul he got saved and his health got better. He dedicated his life to serving God. Later her backsled and grew cold in his Christian walk As he drifted away from God and from church he became sick again. It was like God’s chastening. I wonder if he had something like a near-death experience during this 2nd sickness. His wife reports him seeing awful scenes about his lost co-workers. Ralph Palmer was healed – not only if his sickness but also of his backsliding. When he rededicated his life to Christ he got a burden for lost souls. So he started giving out gospel tracts – little flyers or brochures pointing out how to become a believer in Jesus Christ. He wanted his fellow people to know how they can be saved from sin. Ralph Palmer and his wife started traveling the country in a camper to distribute gospel tracts everywhere. He passed out roughly 600,000 tracts per year. Later on he also started a gospel sign ministry making billboards with reflective lettering that showed salvation scriptures beside the highways. The book tells the story of the Palmer’s gospel tract ministry and shares some of the stories and events from the many responses they got from the gospel tract work. God certainly blessed their work in going out to make known the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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