Apr 23 2017

Ingo Breuer

Petition wants to keep Ireland abortion -free

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Ingo Breuer has just signed this petition and is recommending it to you.

For more than thirty years Ireland’s unborn children, and their mothers, have received equal protection from the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution.

Yet today this life-saving amendment is under serious threat. A “Citizens’ Assembly” is currently meeting in Dublin to discuss the future of the law. It is widely expected that this assembly, which is due to report in June, will recommend that a referendum be held on the repeal, or alteration, of the pro-life amendment.

The Irish state has a duty to recognise the right-to-life and ensure its protection in law. No state, no legislature, no assembly, regardless of public opinion, can abrogate or deny fundamental God-given human rights.

It is for this reason that the Citizens Initiative for the Protection of Human Life is calling on the Oireachtas to reject all calls to hold a referendum. The right-to-life of a human being must never be made subject to a vote.

Please sign our petition today and help us defend future generations of our children!

To sign the petition, and learn more about our campaign, visit www.nodeath.ie.

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