Oct 20 2016

Ingo Breuer

Watch this before you vote!

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Will you vote for a pro-choice leftist who is bent on destroying America and turning it into a European-style leftist secular country? Will you vote for a criminal politician who betrays her own countrymen as in Benghazi and puts the blame on a Christian movie? If you want to vote for a Democrat, then vote for a true Democrat like the late Congressman Larry McDonald (1935-1983), who was killed or captured when the Soviets shot down the plane he was on. Congressman McDonald explains the danger of modern politics and the attack on the US Constitution. He is a clear advocate for less governemnt – limited constitutional government instead of a big federal government that runs all of your life. Watch and understand why we must liberal secularist candidates.

Hillary Clinton will undermine the First and Second Amendment rights of American citizens. She will apppoint liberal whackos as Supreme Court justices who will interpret the constitution as a living document where they can read anything into that the globalists want and what political correctness demands. Therefore, we must join together and vote against liberal fanaticism that poses a threat to American freedom.

Read this before you vote!

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