Oct 08 2016

Ingo Breuer

Communist Traitor Hillary Clinton

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The Clinton Chronicles is a good movie to educate the people about the criminal background of the Clintons. For us as Christians, Hillary Clinton is unvoteable for many reasons. Her support for a supposed “women’s right to abortion” is immoral and antichristian. This does not reflect our kind of Christian family values that we learn from the word of God.

We know that we must receive children (Mt. 18:3-5) just as we receive Christ. If we cannot receive children into our families and lives, then how could a sinner possibly receive Christ for salvation (John 1:12)? We would do well to reread Matthew 18 and 19 because it says a lot about marriage, family, church and children. If you read what Jesus says about children and how he blessed them, then you could no longer vote for a Democrat who is fanatical about killing the unborn, radical feminism, gender ideology, and full of a deep-rooted decades-old hatred for traditional America as  a constitutional republic and Christian nation.

We are here to prevent Hillary Clinton. We must oppose her every move except for bowing in an altar to ask God for forgiveness and seek the salvation of her soul. She truly seems like a lost person with a life that is empty and Christ-less. The fruit of her life work has been damaging to America and damaging to marriages, families and the moral fiber of society. The Clintons have literally turned America over to the enemies. They have military bases in California and rented them to the Chinese so they could use American ports to ship in cheap goods made in China. But they have also weakened America morally and spiritually through their scandals, their crimes, unexplained disappearance or killings of senior officials and their corruption. The Clintons both belong behind bars. None of them is worthy of the White House and they should get to know that in November.

Those who call themselves Democrats should not vote for Hillary. I challenge all  Democrats to re-think their agenda. Being a Democrat should not mean being an anti-American idiot or some would-be European with disdain for his own country. If you don’t like America, leave it and get yourself to Greece, Germany, Belgium or Netherlands where abortion is free and teenagers and the elderly can be euthanized under socialized welfare. If you really are a true Democrat, I challenge you to read a good book by a fellow Democrat. This Democrat from Germany will explain to you in plain terms how America was set up and supposed to work. So order your copy today. Democrat congressman Larry McDonald wrote this in 1976 for America’s bicentennial. What amazing foresight this man had for America’s problems of today and the way to fix it. Get his book “We Hold These Truths”. I hope you Democrats and Republicans out there will truly Hold These Truths:

Nobody should serve in the White House if he or she considers policeman to be “pigs” and calls them that in public. Hillary is a no-go.

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