Jul 31 2016

Ingo Breuer

Name a US Navy Vessel Honoring the late US Congressman Larry McDonald

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US Congressman Larry McDonald

US Congressman Larry McDonald (1935-1983), American patriot

Please consider the following petition to the US Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus:

Name a US Navy Vessel Honoring the late US Congressman Larry McDonald

This petition is now closed.

End date: Oct 01, 2017

Signatures collected: 1

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I think the Navy is making a grave mistake by naming one of its vessels after a homosexual activist. American soldiers are not fighting for privileged special interest groups but they defend freedom and the Constitution. It is divisive and dangerous to the morale of the troops to let them fight in the name of doubtful activists. A lot of people cannot identify with such doubtful people. I wouldn’t lift a finger for people like Harvey Milk. In fact I would join conservative groups that opposed him. I definitely wouldn’t fight in his name. A Navy vessel should only be named after Milk for his military accomplishments and not for his later gay activism. Peddling to special interest groups is not a good defense policy. Just as the rainbow flag is not a national symbol and should not be displayed on government property. That flag only represents a small special interest group and does not represent the American people or the taxpayer.

Sign the American Family Association’s letter against naming a Navy ship after a sexual predator. In the age of child molestation and human trafficking we don’t ships named after perverts.

I have often been inspired by a conservative Christian leader like Larry McDonald who was a congressman from Georgia. He was a great constitutionalist and had sound pro-life, pro-gun and pro-USA principles. A lot of today’s leaders don’t have that. I’m afraid even in a conservative state like Georgia we don’t see that anymore. The mayor of Atlanta fires a Christian fire chief. The governor of Georgia caves to pro-gay corporate pressure on a marriage and pastor protection act. And another Democratic congressman from Georgia has nothing else to do than spew out hate against the state of Israel. They all should learn from their buddy Larry McDonald so we can put an end to the modern errors.

I have been doing research about the circumstances of Larry McDonald’s death or Soviet capture when he and 268 other passengers aboard flight KAL 007 were attacked by a Soviet fighter jet. Senator Jesse Helms wrote a letter with serious questions for Russian president Yeltsin in 1991. Some of these are still unanswered. That is why I modified that letter and sent it over and over to Russian embassies, think-tanks and other individuals. You can read this letter for yourself:


Open Letter to President Putin About KAL 007

I definitely want to recommend Dr. Larry McDonald’s extraordinary 1976 book about the US Constitution and how it is to be restored. That book might be 40 years old but that is THE TRUE STUFF to talk about in an election year 2016 and beyond. Especially all these leftist leaning Democrats of today could learn a lot of their fellow conservative, Christian true Democrats like Larry McDonald or Zel Miller. So here’s the link for you to buy the book:

You might want to share a copy with a Hillary groupie or one of Bernie’s communist freeloaders. Your pastor might be interested in reading the sermons at the end of the book.

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