May 15 2016

Ingo Breuer

PETITION: To Obama: Withdraw your extreme transgender school mandate NOW

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Will your school defy Obama and send his evil edicts to the paper shredder?

On May 13, 2016, the Obama administration sent a letter to all public schools saying that they must allow members of one biological sex who identify as transgender to use the same showers, locker rooms, and restrooms – and “housing accommodations” – as member of the opposite sex, or risk losing federal funding. Such bullying and blackmail by the Obama administration should not be tolerated but must be defied.

Before we let anybody change or fundamentally transform the nation, we better make sure he has been changed and transformed himself first. Before we judge others we must practice self-judgment. Before we can love others we must first receive the love of God. Never again fall for someone else’s change if they are too proud to be changed themselves. Never fall for change promised by unregenerate politicians. Never fall for change by people who have no roots and fell victim to the blather of your typical college communists. And never try to change the things that are unchangeable to God. Never fall for any promise of change just because it is fashionable or politically correct. Change must be qualified and not just quantified. There is change you don’t want. Change we like comes in the form of conversion, amendment, correction and improvement. True change leads to converts – not perverts. I like when the national debt is reduced to mere pocket change. That’s the change we want. Change we don’t want comes in the form of subversion, apathy, apostasy and alienation. So you better check out first what kind of change you want before you vote in the wrong kind of change!

As Christians we must defy Obama’s attack on God’s order and America’s freedom. We distance ourselves from Obama’s blackmail against North Carolina and all our schools. Such un-American and unchristian activity cannot be tolerated. We pray for Mr. Obama’s salvation because he seems to be a lost man.

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