Apr 10 2016

Ingo Breuer

Jackie Wilburn Memorial Spring Sing

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Jackie Wilburn Memorial Spring Sing

April 29 – May 1, 2016 at the Smith County Ag Center in Carthage, Tennessee.

Over the past yeas I have been blessed to see some of these groups play gospel music in person. Last month I had the chance to see Wilburn and Wilburn in Lenoir City, TN. It was a great concert. Their song “You Asked Him To Leave” is so true and answers the question asked by so many people when bad things happen. Many times when calamities and catastrophes happen people ask “Why did God let this happen?” and they want to blame the Lord for the bad stuff. But we have to understand that many times the bad things happen because we have asked God to leave us alone and chosen to live as if He was dead or we wilfully ignore Him. Now you know we are asking for trouble when we ignore God or act as if He is dead. In the case of the school shootings mentioned in Wilburn & Wilburn’s song we have to understand that God was asked to leave the public school system of the United States. God has been expelled, asked to leave, made illegal, is being ignored, mocked and kids are being misdirected about the facts of the Bible. In 1962 prayer was abolished, in 1963 prayer was removed. We all know that was the tipping point from which the USA nosedived into failure  because after that the USA has been in a losing game. Industry destroyed, wars lost, debt skyrocketing, divorce, abortion …. and no victories.

I think the most frustrating thing about life in America now is that there is such a spiritual dryspell that has not produced any victories. It has been one sucker punch after another. One blow after another. The audacious Obama regime is framing the people for the next suckerpunch by promoting a Supreme Court nominee who will replace the Christian legacy of Antonin Scalia and tip that court toward more anti-God progressivism. And right after the judge’s death they are sneaking in right-to-life-related cases. I mean this is a choreographed show and the people get framed and set up nonstop. When you understand what is going on it’s gonna make you cringe and raise your bleed pressure. At least we know God is in control and He can change hearts, even the hearts of the leaders. And the change of hearts can be a game changer for the people politically, financially, socially and spiritually. Let us not give up to pray that president Obama repents, gets saved and gets right. Even he could have a change of heart and weep tears of repentance over his own foolishness in voting for newly born babies to be starved to death after failed abortions. Bad things happen because we have asked God to leave. At first we ignore God and live our lives as if He does not exist. As soon as we hit consequences and problems then we immediately try to blame God for it. Isn’t that silly. If you live like there is no God, then don’t blame Him for it. If you say there is no God, you have nobody but yourself to blame. In case of the schools, it is a terrible thing. I drive thru a rural part of Tennessee and I almost get tears in my eyes by what I see. Small restaurants closed. Small stores closed. Small schools closed. I am thinking: They had it so good and then they turned on the blessing with a vengeance and destroyed the very things that are good about America. The local restaurants, stores and businesses are closed and gave way to big corporate nationalized chain stores. The small schools are closed and children are bussed into prison-like central magnet schools where government controls their mind and big corporations try to form the brave new world citizen thru Common Core brainwashing programs. Common Core produces the new dependent for the future. Dependent on government and corporations to run his life. When those old schools were still in operation education was more under control of local officials and parents. Now a parent is no longer welcome in school. Once children cross the threshold of the school door they turn into government property and the parents are shut out. God was asked to leave. He is outside of the school knocking. Revelation 3:20 is a fitting verse for our schools too. These are just a few of my thoughts about the Wilburn and Wilburn’s song “You Asked Me To Leave”.

If you can make it to Carthage, Tennessee at the end of April, you will get to enjoy a great gospel singing. So many good groups are going to be there and this will be a great time of Christian fellowship, a great opportunity to advance praising the Lord through gospel music and all of that in a beautiful part of Tennessee right by the Caney Fork River. See the above poster will al the details of the Spring sing.


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