Mar 14 2016

Ingo Breuer

Georgia: Why Pastor Protection Act / First Amendment Defense Act Must Be Law Of The Land

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An Open Letter To Georgia Governor Nathan Deal:

Please sign Pastor Protection Act / First Amendment Defense Act into law.

Dear Governor Deal:

I am glad that both houses of Congress in Georgia are supportive of bills protecting religious freedom. It is good that HB 757, the Pastor Protection Act, passed. You stated correctly „that the world is changing around us“, and it is changing rapidly for the worse. We must not simply quantify „change“ but we must qualify the „change“ around us. As a Christian I say that this „change“ we see around us is a departure from God, a national decline, and a time of falling away and apostasy. I would welcome change if it was the right kind of change. When people amend their ways, humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, that’s the kind of change I support.

We must send a strong signal to the world that we do not participate in such „change“ as we see today in the world around us. Are we friends of God or friends of the world? 1. John 2:15-17. I hope the people of Georgia will continue to signal to the world that stalwart Christian conservatism. We tell this world around us to keep their change! President Obama can keep his change! And when it comes to the Supreme Court decision on „gay marriage“ we say that there is no such thing. It is not gay and it is not marriage and we stand with the legacy of Judge Antonin Scalia who dissented on this evil lawless decision. He called it a Putsch on the American democracy and that is what it is – a political correct sentence created out of thin air and raw political power. There will have to come a day where this erroneous decision must be reversed all along with all the other mock trials of American history such as Roe vs. Wade or the decision to remove prayer and Bible reading from schools.

I also disagree with your statement that opposition to “gay marriage“ is in some way not in line with New Testament teaching. I think the opposite is true. Jesus made a statement that would be highly controversial in today’s news media. In Matthew 19:4-6 he replied to the Pharisees’ question about marriage and divorce. In that statement Jesus confessed his belief in marriage between one man and one woman and expressed opposition to modern evils such as divorce, adultery, evolution and gender mainstreaming. If there is something in Georgia that does not fit the teachings of Jesus Christ it would be those ultra-offensive billboards near interstate 285 that say „1-800-DIVORCE“ or „$99 EASY DIVORCE“ That is un-Christian. These filthy billboards ought to be razed. Maybe it takes an executive order for that? But the personal beliefs of Mr. Kelvin Cochran or the Christian beliefs of a flower shop, baker, wedding planner etc. are not un-Christian. For one thing, the city of Atlanta should not spy on the personal beliefs of their employees or make personal faith a factor in whether a person gets or keeps a job. Such Soviet-style tactics should not be allowed on American soil. In fact, we need someone in the White House who believes in traditional marriage and puts an end to this sexualization of society and the evil UN-enforced gender politics. Nobody wants an anti-social climate where you get fired or sued out of business if you express a clear New Testament teaching on marriage and warn against the danger of „going after strange flesh“. Jude 1:7. Likewise a Baptist preacher in Georgia is not guilty of „discrimination“ if he quotes and preaches on the New Testament truth proclaimed by Paul the Apostle in Romans 1:24-28. For the Romans “the world was changing all around them“, too. They were changing the natural use of the sexes against that which was against nature. We should not change the truth of God into a lie. There are many forms of “change“ we should not participate in but rather rebuke them. Jesus truly went to the outcasts of his day. He wanted to reach them with the truth but he did not compromise the truth. When Jesus reached out to them, the soon forsook their sin and were changed by the grace of God. We must reach out to the homosexual communities with the message that their alternate way of life is not genetically inherited but rather a trained illicit habit – sin. They too can be changed. They too can be forgiven. They too can ge saved. They too can get fundamentally transformed by the grace of God. I believe that many old-fashioned Baptist churches in Georgia are proclaiming that message and are doing a good job at it. But we must forsake sin. 2. Chronicles 7:14. Acts 17:30. We can come to Christ just as we are but God’s love will not leave us as we are but change us into His image.

Let me clearly emphasize, that preaching against sin is not discrimination but free speech. That’s what people came to America for in the first place so cannot simply backpedal on liberty because of corporate pressure or „European precedent“. Americans must once again dare to be different from the rest of the world. That’s what American exceptionalism is all about.

I hope you did not bow to corporate or lobbyists’ pressure. I already put Delta Airlines on notice that they should not mess with morals and should not incriminate themselves by hijacking jobs elsewhere because people have Christian convictions.

You know as well as I know that the firing of the Atlanta Fire Chief was a no-go. That shameful incident triggered the necessity that action needs to be taken to prevent such discrimination against Christians.

Dear Governor, I know you are in a hard place. You live in a state with conservative Christian people and are surrounded by lobbyists from ultra-liberal global corporations. It is hard for you to get the „best of both worlds“. However, we must say goodbye to an era that dictates you can only have a job, if you sell your soul and deny your beliefs. Our lives should not be pre-determined by mega-corporations. We must tell mega-corporations like Coca-Cola, Disney or major airlines that social engineering is not their job. I grieve for the Disney corporation that now tries to advertise abortion and gender mainstreaming when Mr. Walt Disney was an ultra-right, anticommunist conservative Republican. That company better line up with the founder’s vision. It will be impossible to reconcile Christian teachings with corporate social engineering. John the Baptist preached righteousness and he did not compromise his teaching when it came to Herod’s adultery. John the Baptist clearly rebuked the king’s sin and it cost him his head. Today we must preach against sin. Probably Herodias’ thought John’s preaching was discrimination. But nevertheless John had to get God’s ways across to the people regardless of what they thought. God has the right to get heard. John did not try to reconcile God’s teachings with Herod’s or Herodias’ expectations. He did not compromise.

Dear Governor, I hope you will return to being a true conservative. Georgia history has some great Christian conservative role models like Baptist missionary John Birch or the legendary Congressman Larry McDonald. I am from Germany and every time I come through Georgia I feel honored to drive on the Larry McDonald Memorial Highway. I remember him every time and the cause and the values he stood for. I saw you at the concert of Katy Deal at the Hawkinsville Opera House. I like Georgia but I like it because it’s conservative, country and Christian. I hate to see a repeat of the same mistakes that were made here in Europe. When I travel to America I want to know that I am in a place that dares to be different from the rest of the world.

I will notify all large corporations in Georgia and express my support for the Pastor Protections Act and the First Amendment Defense Act. Please sign those bills into law. Those bills are past due!


Ingo Breuer

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