Mar 02 2016

Ingo Breuer

Donald Trump: You’re Fired!!!

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Donald Trump Must End His Campaign Bid – Unfit for Presidency

Donald Trump is unfit for the presidency of the United States and here is why:

  • He is not pro-life. He will continue to fund Planned Parenthood and abortion-on-demand. He will not work hard to select pro-life Supreme Court judges who will continue Scalia’s legacy of Constitutional originalism.
  • He does not defend traditional marriage. Trump will not work hard to honor marriage between one man and one woman. Trump will not work to overturn the godless failed Putsch on American democracy comitted by the Supreme Court when it tried to redefine marriage. When it comes to abortion and gay marriage, Trump is no different than Obama. He will continue the evil “change” and to “fundamentally transform” America according to an antichristian, God-hating, secular humanist path of sin.
  • Trump’s character is a problem. There is a lack of humility, too much pride, too much anger, too much arrogance. Trump displays a lack of true Christian virtues that make up effective public servants. God blesses the humble but resists the proud.
  • Trump has no political experience. He is full of himself.
  • Trump’s showmanship. Trump has worked with reality TV and America does not need actors and showmanship in the White House. There is no need for a performer and someone who wants to entertain people with populistic statements and arguments over what someone else tweeted. This entire media obsession is wrong. It would be better to have a good President who is not entertaining, cool or social but instead a  man of honesty, integrity, knowledge, wisdom, faith and character. Having character might not get you tweets and youtube views but they sure are needed when it comes to leading a nation, impacting legislation and signing it into law or nominating Supreme Court judges.

Therefore, be it resolved, that a Christian – especially a Bible-believing, evangelical one – cannot vote for Donald Trump. I know socialists like Sanders and pro-choice feminists like Clinton are not option anyway. We don’t need to discuss that. You cannot be a Christian and vote for Clinton or Sanders. That woul be evil and violating a Christian conscience. Woe unto that person that calls himself “born again” and votes for an individual that believes neither in the new birth nor in the natural birth but rather in a sinful culture of death administered by Planned Parenthood, wicked gay lobby groups and atheistic God-haters who waste their time on earth with frivolous lawsuits.

There was a 1986 book by Nancy DeMoss that is a good handbook for the 2016 general election.Why not order a copy of “The Rebirth of America”?

Pray for your leaders and share this video about intercession for your leaders till it gets viral:

I endorse Ted Cruz for President of the USA. Though I would really have endorsed Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee. They are pro-life, pro-family, pro-America, pro-gun and pro-marriage. They know what’s at stake in the Supreme Court and they honor the US Constitution.

Our agenda for the next president will be:

  • de-Obama-fying America by undoing all unconstitutional executive orders
  • overturn Roe vs. Wade
  • overturn Obergefell v. Hodges
  • appoint conservative Christian constitutionalists to Supreme Court
  • protect parental rights
  • abolish medical kidnap and CPS kidnapping
  • protect Bill of Rights (all attacks on religious freedom, gun rights, privacy, sanctity of home must be thwarted)
  • undo Obamacare
  • reduce national debt by reducing the size of government

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