Jan 02 2016

Ingo Breuer

An Open Letter To Actress Jennifer Lawrence

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In repsonse to her rantings against Christian people, the people of Kentucky and Mrs. Kim Daivs in particular. Arrogant brats should not be the highest paid actors in Hollywood. That is why YOU should boycott the mass media unfollow this liberal world that glamorizes sin and hatefulness toward true believers. The following open letter is a response to the article “Jennifer Lawrence Attacks Christians: ‘People Holding Their Crucifixes, Which May As Well Be Pitchforks'” from CNS NEWS:

Offensive Lack of Respect
Dear Ms. Lawrence:
I think you owe the people of Kentucky as well as many Christians living there a huge apology.
Your recent comments and rants about Kim Davis and people holding “crucifixed like pitchforks” were wrong and just reveal the hatred that you hold in your heart. I think all that success and fame is going to your head.

Frankly, I am sick of people denying and condemning their rural upbringing, southern roots and Christian values just in order to fit in with the affluent crowd on the left coast and to please the international press and media corporations. I believe it would do America and the rest of the world really good if a Kentucky girl would use her fame to defend Kim Davis, to stick to that old school southern way of life. Why do I as a German have to tell you that? I lived in Tennessee for a number of years. You should be grateful for those small Kentucky towns and the Christian people there instead of bashing them in the media.
I am not much of a Hollywood person. I don’t watch all those new movies. I still like the 1930s/1940s western movies back when Hollywood was still conservative and patriotic. If you don’t like what the way people in Kentucky live or what they believe in, just move to the left coast and leave those people back home alone. I wish I could live in a small town in Kentucky, join a Baptist church and live my family life there.
You know the Lord used some of those local churches in your area to put together a Christian radio program. I was listening to that on shortwave radio and when I found out that I was lost I asked the Lord Jesus to save my soul and He rolled that burden of sin away. After my salvation the Lord began dealing with me about changing my opinions and beliefs and getting them to line up with the Scripures. Have you ever been under conviction? Maybe you can find true peace of mind Jesus Christ. Because wealth and fame are fleeting and many lives in Hollywood are hurting. When all that wealth and fame has become vain to you, maybe then you wish you could go back home to Kentucky to an old-fashioned country church where you can seek the Lord and get happy in the Spirit because Christ receiveth sinful men and women and gives new life and true hope for eternity.
I feel led to send you some Christian literature along that would help you find a new Christian walk. Maybe now it’s time to end that personal vendetta against Christians and quit running from God.
This letter is publicly shared on my blog at www.soldirockfaith.com.
Please have some more respect for people who hold different opinions. The US Declaration o Independence speaks of a “ decent respect to the opinions of mankind”. I think Americans hurt their own nation and society by constantly bashing or deriding southern, Christian, conservative, patriotic or old-fashioned people but glamorizing the sexualized, lecherous, liberal ways that have seduced this country from its true manifest destiny and led it on a path to moral as well as economic, political and fiscal bankruptcy.
Thank God for some old-fashioned southernerns in Kentucky and all the other states who belive in God, stick to their Bible, stick to their guns, believe in the traditional family. Thank God for people like Kim Davis. And let’s pray that the encroachments of federal governments will not destroy true American exceptionalism, states rights and Christian heritage. Let’s quit fitting in with the wrong crowd glamorized in the media. Let’s dare to be old school American and let’s dare to go back to the old country church. Let’s dare to defy the leftist, immoral suggestions that are constantly bombarding people’s minds thru their smartphone.


Ingo Breuer


(a few gospel tracts, most of them printed by ministries in Kentucky or nearby Evansville, Indiana)

We don’t need stupid movies like “Hunger Games” and all this baloney. We have a Bible to read and there is plenty of good reading materials for Christians. If you don’t read but instead watch and swallow all the media junk that comes thru your smartphone, hellevion and other weapons of moral destruction, then you should consider re-organizing your life. Plan your life without all this media junk. We don’t need arrogant media brats bashing Chrstians. I am tired of celebrities bashing what America is really about. If they don’t like what America has to offer them, let them pack their stuff up and head back to Europe where they can live their liberal nightmare with no guns, abortion right, feminism. The only setback for them will be that they have to pay high income taxes! Esp. the Germans are tough on tax evaders!! If they want their liberal, anti-American utopia, let them pay for it.

Jennifer Lawrence is also deceived on “women’s rights”.  When  I listen to the generation of millenials foam with their antichristian hatred, it makes me wonder who put all this junk in their minds? Nothing good is coming out of their mouth because nothing good was put in. I guess that’s the accomplishment of growing up behind the hellevision and stupid video games instead of playing outside. She said she was raised Republican but cannot support a party that is “opposed to women’s rights”. So she thinks that abortion must be a woman’s right and that the traditional family must somehow be a violation of those rights, too. Who put that junk in the young people’s minds? It certainly didn’t happen in Sunday School. Why has Ms. Lawrence not been educated about the fact that abortion is a crime against women and kills innocent lives? Who is fomenting this hatred against traditional values? Entitled brats should not be schooling this nation on “women’s rights”. No lecherous rock star or Hollywood queen needs to be heard on political issues. I’d rather listen to the opinion of some Christian country people living in rural Kentucky who are not rich and famous. By what authority do they have the right to influence public opinion? It should not concern anybody what perverted opinions those overpaid people have. Are people guilty of overerstimating the things of this world? They rejoice in a thing of nought but cannot rejoice in the Lord. They idoloize lecherous women in the media but cannot truly appreciate the value of motherhood and the role of a woman as mother and homemaker. That is sin.

Your Take-Away

What you ought to take away from this? You can’t dance with the stars and walk with the Lord! You can’t worship the Lord and still make an idol out of celebrities? If you wan’t to follow Christ you have to unfollow the celebrities. If you love the Lord you cannot love this world.



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