Dec 23 2015

Ingo Breuer

There Really Is A Santa Claus!

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Many children grow up with the belief in Santa Claus who lives on the Northpole, rides his reindeer sleigh and brings presents on Christmas by climbing through the chimney. In other countries there are the traditions of “Father Christmas”, “Sinterklaas”, “Saint Nick” or Nicholas. Then as those children grow up they are coldheartedly told “There is no Santa Claus!” And for many children this is a moment of disillusionment from which they will not recover for he rest of their lives. They were led to believe in this man of goodness and generosity and later they are deliberately being disappointed and left with the impression that in reality only vice and greed exists while true goodness is just a “fairytale”. I believe it is both stupid and immoral to lead children to believe something and then later tell them it’s not true. We as Christians want to teach children the truth.  We are like John: it is our greatest joy to see children walk in truth.

Santa Claus

If it is my effort and goal to teach children about the truth of God, the Savior Jesus Christ and the need for personal salvation, then it is counter-productive when I let them believe in Santa Claus and then later at age 10 tell them that wasn’t true. Then I am guilty of deliberately misleading and confusing a child. After all, that child might logically think: “If all this story about Santa is not true, then all this talk about Jesus might not be true either.” So once again, our society is guilty of the most destructive social patterns of behavior. Instead of avoiding such mistakes, people by the millions jump for it and go right ahead and make such mistakes and end up miserable because they have not followed the Bible.

But upon closer research I found a blessing. There really is a Santa Claus and there is an urgent message in his life-story that cries for global attention. When you take the modernday legends of Santa Claus, Sinterklaas, Weihnachtsmann or Saint Nick and trace them back to their historic origin, then you will find a real person. You can teach your child about that REAL PERSON who is behind Santa Claus. All the modern stories lead us back to a man named Nicholas. He was a Christian man and later became a church leader (bishop) at a time when Christians faced enormous persecution by the pagan Roman state. He lived in Minor Asia which today is Turkey. He was born in 270 AD and died in 343 AD. Does you child know about Nicholas – the man behind the modern Santa Claus. Is that being taught in your child’s school?

I am a subscriber of the Embassy Institute and there is a presentation by Bill Federer about the true story of St. Nicholas. I recommend watching that one.


Nicholas was a man of integrity. He was known for helping the poor, defending the true doctrine of Christianity against heresies, stepping up to be a bishop at a time of persecution when others would rather hide from serving in a Christian office. There are stories of him helping sailors in a storm on a ship. The idea of “Santa Claus” bringing gifts or the various traditions of secret gift giving might have originated from Nicholas. There was a poor man who could not afford dowries for his 3 daughters. Nicholas must have known about the situation and he had a way of helping them to prevent the daughters from ending up in sex trafficking and prostitution. Nicholas decided to help secretly. He passed by their house by night and threw 3 bags of money through a window to help them have their dowry for marriage. This reminds us that Jesus taught us to do our giving in secret and not publicly tout our horn about how much money we give to charity. Let not your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Jesus teaches the three secret disciplines of giving, prayer and fasting. Matthew 6:1-18. That is a basic principle of how we ought to live as believers in Jesus Christ.

While much of today’s Sant Claus traditions are mere inventions and embellishments, there is a core of truth behind all that. The story of Nicholas reminds me of this Proverb:

“The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him.” Proverbs 20:7.

The real Nicholas lived 1700 years ago but his legacy lasts till today. Every child can find a good example in the life story of Nicholas. Instead of misleading children to worship and idolize sinful, godless rockstars who are not Christians, they should know about Nicholas. And most of all, they need to know Jesus Christ. It is wrong for anybody to idolize people. Remember when Apostle Peter came to Cornelius, then Cornelius fell down and worshiped the man. But Peter said “Quit! I am just a man.” People worship is wrong. Children should never ever  under no circumstances be misled to idolize celebrities, rock stars or sports stars. IF YOU ARE SAVE YOU HAVE NO CELEBRITY BUT JESUS CHRIST. If you have followed the world and idolized people or things, then this would be a good time to course-correct and repent to God.

Believe in Obama or Santa?

Nicholas was born in a town called Patara and served as bishop of Myra. The city of Myra was near  today’s city of Turkey. Turkey is a Muslim country today. The disciples of Jesus were first called Christians in Antioch which is in the country of Syria. Also a Muslim country in a mess of war right now. The apostle Paul went about preaching the gospel and establishing churches all over Asia Minor, Syria, Cyprus … Did you notice that all the major places in the Bible today have been overrun by the doctrine of the false prophet of Islam? Just think of it: In the book of Nehemia, Ezra and Esther we read about the king of Persia helping the Jews – God’s chosen people. You know that Persia now is called Iran and Iran is Muslim and those people today hate the Jews and want them off the map. About 2500 years ago their kings used to help the Jews in getting temple worship started and having the walls of Jerusalem rebuilt. Iranian donations made it possible! The Iran of today is definitely out-of-sync with their national history. They used the bless God’s people instead of cursing them. So you see how those former Christian or pro-Jewish countries have all been overrun with Islam. The historic lesson is this: Apostasy is follwoed by terrorism. Decadents are overrun by barbarians. If you commit apostasy against God, you will be overrun by tyrants who follow false gods. The former Christian countries that fell into apostasy later on have been overrrun by Islam. The question is: Is Europe and America next? Will they learn from history or will they repeat history? People are extremely ignorant today. Churchgoers are more addicted to iphone and hellevision shows than with actual truth from the Bible. The kind of preacher that will preach the truth will get runned off and accused of being divisive and hateful. My God says that if you love good you must hate evil. If you cannot hate, then you never really loved anything. The biblical definition of “hate” is to love less. It does not necessarily imply wrath or guile. Syria is a mess now with war. Turkey is heading the same way.  We cannot bring peace to Syria by sending in bombs and drones and troops. Consider the nonsense: Why should our troops risk their lives in an undeclared war on foreign soil, while Syrian refugees systematically overrun Europe maybe soon the US as so-called “refugees”. Why does Barack Obama arm radical Muslim rebels in Syria while at the same time he wants to disarm American citizens? How crazy can a person be when he trusts known criminals with weapons but does not trust law-abiding citizens with means to defend themselves? Obamunism makes no sense. Believing in Santa might be naive, but believing in Obama is outright dangerous, destructive, hare-brained and utter idiocy.

If we want peace in Syria, then the people in that region of the world should also consider Nicholas. They should consider turning back to the faith their forefathers a long time ago forsook. Instead of Islam overrunning Europe and America, we must see Christian inroads into Syria and faith in Christ welling up all over the Islamic world. Those countries where once the apostles set up churches need to turn back to that apostolic faith. What a blessing if once on the road to Damascus Saul saw a light and turned to Christ. Great is the need for many a Muslim in that area to talk the same road. The people of Syria and Turkey, where Nicholas is from, and where the early church worked, should just open up to the love and forgiveness of God and turn form their idols to the living God.

Welcome to I want to wish you a Merry Christmas. Jesus is your only hope! He is coming soon.

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