Dec 26 2015

Ingo Breuer

The Lord’s Maid and The Lord’s Servant

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Key Scriptures:

And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her. Luke 1:38.

Paul, a servant of God,… Titus 1:1, Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ, … 2. Pe. 1:1

Nativity Scene

We live in an age of over-inflated egos. Children are misled to grow up with the idea that they are “rockstars” and little “princesses”. When a youngster raised on hellevision and public re-education is told to do something they roll their eyes and say “I am not your maid”. Even Christians jump on the bandwagon of the over-inflated egos and proudly proclaim “I am a child of the king”. Have we forgotten that the apostles of Christ thought of themselves as “servants”. Yes, they knew they were a child of God but they had the attitude of a servant. They wanted to do that which is pleasing to the Lord. They truly are children of the king. But that very reason caused them to be clothed with humilty. Consider 1. Peter 5:5 “Yea, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble.”

So let’s get our thinking straight about this: If you are saved, you are a child of the king. But that gives you no right to act like a king and to do as you please or to expect to live without facing consequences of stupid sinful actions. The idea that a Christian is a child of the King should not lead to presumption but to submission. Reconsider our scripture from 1. Peter 5:5: SUBJECT ONE TO ANOTHER, AND BE CLOTHED WITH HUMILITY. Knowing that you have a Father in Heaven should cause you to be subject to Him and be humble before him. In essence, you need to consider yourself to be God’s servant or maid. Consider how often the apostles referred to themselves in the epistles as the Lord’s servants. Even Jesus himself gave us the example of service when he washed his disciples feet. So our job is to serve one another in love.

We learn from Mary, the mother of Jesus, that she considered herself the handmaid of the Lord. Not the Lord’s queen. Certainly not the Queen of Heaven, which some Catholics make her to be. She did not claim to be some princess or super-woman. When she was told by the angels that she is going to be with child from the Holy Ghost and give birth to Jesus, she agreed to it and considered herself the Lord’s handmaid. She did not view the term “handmaid” as a term of degradation or humiliation. She felt honored to be used of God. The Mary we read about in Luke is such an example of true humility.

Christian Humility – The Tool To Overcome Sinful Entitlement Mentality

Could you agree with what God wants for you as Mary just willed into what God wanted for her. If the angel would have appeared to a modernday material girl she would have rebelled, cried about her reproductive rights and ended up on a Planned Parenthood abortion table. The modernday postchristian mentality is a mess. The entire entitlement culture is a mess. People think someone else owes them a living. They want income without work. Living off of government, court orders, lottery … anything except work. They want to live outside of their means and hope someone else will pay it off. Even in Congress they think like that because they keep raising the debt ceiling and praise the one’s who keep on borrowing and bash the one’s who want to reign in the spending spree and get government back within constitutional boundaries.

Nobody owes you in ipad, iphone, ipod or other type of idol. Are you guilty of idol worship? Nobody owes you a living. Nobody owes you a college education. You and you alone take care of it yourself.

You are not a princess. You area not a rockstar. You are not American idol. You are not entitled to dance with the stars. You are a sinner on the way to Hell. The Bible calls you child of wrath, child of disobedience, lost, blinded, without hope and without God. Only because of God’s love for the world is there a way out of the sin crisis that you and I face. Only because God acted out of love for his lost creation, He made a way for us to be saved by His grace. That Way is Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Born in Bethlehem and later put on a cross for our sin. There He died on the cross, but He arose from the dead because as God he could not stay dead. In Him is Life. Isn’t that wonderful that we can share in this life by getting saved? Now we can belong to Him.

Now we can be the Lord’s maids and servants. The Lord himself came to minister (serve) us by providing a way of salvation (Mark 10:45), so it ought to go without saying that now we serve Him.  We serve because He gave us an example of service. I think Jesus learned about ministering from His mother Mary. She left an example of service as she considered herself to be the Lord’s handmaid. She was always there. From the manger to the wedding in Cana, throughout his time of ministry and preaching until the cross. What a great mother she was. That’s why centuries passed as people waited for the Messiah. There had to be a Mary and a Joseph. Joseph wisely led his family at the word of the angel in a dream. Mary followed along. This would not happen in a modernday family. Today many women despise men who lead the family. If Mary and Joseph would live in the 21st century and Joseph  was warned in a dream to take the mother and the child and to leave the country, you know what would happen? Mary would scream and protest: “I’m not your maid. You can go to Egypt. Leave ME and MY baby alone. If you don’t quit telling me what to do, I am filing for divorce.” Mary would run off with the baby to her parents and Joseph would get a visit from an attorney inviting him to a divorce hearing. That is the sinful and rotten mentaliy of the 21st century. God is not in it and He won’t even touch it with a 10-foot-pole. People are so boastful, proud and have such inflated egos, they ought to be able to fly like balloons. The modernday family is the opposite of the holy family of Mary, Joseph and the Christ-child that we read about in the gospels. For one thing, many non-Christian women consider their children as “MY” children as  if the father has no involvement in the child-rearing process. Men are used only for sex and money in the modern non-Christian lifestyle. In the Christian worldview it is entirely different because the father is responsible for child training: “And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. ” Ephesians 6:4. But modernday non-Christian women are conditioned to reject any form of spiritual leadership or headship of the father. The discipline and a teaching that a father often brings is then viewed as a “threat to the child” and divorce is the end result. This trap has caused damage to many couples. They were “in love” but when the children came along, women treated those children like idols and the idea of male headship was viewed as a threat. This is the cause of broken homes, single parent homes and children growing up with only one parent.

That is why it is important to be clothed with humilty and to take on our role as the Lord’s maid or servant. That is why children are not to be raised as “kids” who need to be spoiled with doting over-affection. They too need to learn to fill their servant-role as they learn obedience to the parents. So let us get rid of the idea we are something that we truly are not. Don’t live any longer with the idea that you are a “princess”, “rockstar” entitled to a living, but consider yourself a true servant or maid. Remember Mary. She did not consider that a humiliation. She was humble before the Lord. So let us be humble before the Lord and not think we are something that we really are not. Without Him we are nothing.

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