Sep 02 2015

Ingo Breuer

Victory in Jesus – Palmetto State Quartet

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Sing unto the Lord and worship with us!

“Victory in Jesus” is one of my favorite hymns. Never forget how at one time I sang it together with a coworker at work in a cardboard factory. And we sang it as a group of street preachers at an intersection in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Not to mention the precious memories of singing it in church. As believers we are more than conquerors and we can overcome with the blood of the Lamb and our testimony.  Jesus has gained us the victory over the enemy called death. Victory is ours in Christ. We can thank the Lord Jesus for the victory. Satan has lost the battle.

The video shows some footage from the Smoky Mountains. This is at the outlook on Clingman’s Dome. The Smoky Mountains still have that impression of the old school America that was colonized and built by people of faith. The people that first settled in this neck of the woods – places like Cades Cove – were people who wanted to live for God, without government interference and able to make their own living. They don’t come here to live like atheists, socialists, or pop culture people who are dependent on trends and fashions set by city folks who don’t know God, don’t know the Bible, and despise the life lived by those who first settled this part of America. The folks that came here started churches and experienced revival as circuit-riding preachers brought the gospel into every remote holler.

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