Sep 13 2015

Ingo Breuer

MythBusters (2): It’s Hate Speech to Warn Against Sin!?

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This world puts me in a bind. As a Christian I want to speak the truth from the Bible but the world calls that “hate speech”. Esp. when warning against sin, esp. those kinds of sin that the modern crowd considers “normal” But then if I bow to the world and them what they want to hear then I am a liar because I am not telling them what the Bible says. The reason why I as a Christian speak out against sexual sin is not hate but out of love want to warn people of errors. If someone is not aware of a a hazard or danger, then it would be unloving to let people go on in error without telling them. True love would warn people that are heading for danger – for example as in traffic, financial risk, hazards at work etc. – of that source of danger and rescue them from the danger.

The following movie called “Audacity – Love Can’t Stay Silent” reveals what real love is: It is sacrificial and if necessary in order to save someone out of danger you have to yell and scream. Think if the man at the end of the movie: The woman was stranded because she ran out of gas. She thought she was in the middle of nowhere. We all thought the hitchhiker was a good-for-nothing bum who wanted revenge and possibly rape the woman. He broke into the car. But for what reason? To save the woman from the oncoming train. She did not realize her car got stranded on the railroad tracks. So the person that at first came across as violent, aggressive and hateful was the one that saved the woman’s life.

This is how the world mis-judges the actions of Christian believers. When we warn against sin and the temporal pleasure of sin, then it is not because we have fun ruining your day, robbing your joy, or imposing our views on anybody. No, it is because we want to see people rescued out of the trap of the devil and his deception.

Please watch this movie and share it with others and consider it a myth that it is “hate” when someone tells you the truth from the Bible. It is because they genuinely care for your soul! It is foolish how we prepare for everything in life but many don’t prepare for what comes after life. But eternity is a long long time. Heaven is high and hell is hot. So when someone tell us to repent and receive Jesus as our Savior, then that person at sometime realized his own error and did a 180 degree turn in life (that is what true repentance is) and recognized he was not good enough on his own to go to Heaven but had to have Jesus as his High Priest who brings redemption and forgiveness to us.

So don’t be deceived by those who think that Christianity is all about a vindictive God who gloats over people going to hell.That’s a myth. You missed the point. There is so much suffering in the world because of man’s sin and there is a loving God who sent His Son to save us sinners from hell and while we were yet sinners he died on the cross and took our punishment upon him and was raised from the dead to new life so he could defeat the enemy of sin and death. I am thankful that God revealed His love in the power to rescue sinners and receive them as children of God.

Myth busted: Consider this Bible truth: Open rebuke is better than secret love. Proverbs 27:5. He that rebuketh a man afterwards shall find more favour than he that flattereth with the tongue. Proverbs 28:23.

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