Aug 28 2015

Ingo Breuer

Stop the forced imposition of gender ideology in EU schools

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We don’t want schools to turn into hellholes for social experiments – nowhere! People from all around the world can sign this petition to tell the EU to stop the gender craze. God created us as man and woman and it is God’s calling to be a real man and a real woman. They were made differently and not the same way. You can’t pick, select, choose or change your gender. Reproduction the way it occurs in nature requires a male and a female.
The EU Parliament makes itself ridiculous with these perverted “reports” that seek to force sexual perversion on schools and persecute as a hate crime those who criticize the queering of our culture.  We must abide faithfully in God’s ways defined in the word of God. We oppose the ungodly Redrigues Report in Jesus’ name.

The complete text of the petition:

Dear Member of European Parliament,As your electors, we would like to bring to your attention the important vote on the Rodrigues Report on 8 September in the plenary session.This report “Empowering girls through Education in the EU”, infringes on European and International Treaties and Covenants by:

1. Violating [1] the right of parents to be the first [2] educators of their children. It is a direct intrusion in the private lives of parents, children, teachers and school-book editors, as this report does not respect the freedom [3] of belief.
2. Violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; the European Convention on Fundamental Rights and Freedoms; the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights; the Convention of the Rights of the Child; and, the Resolution of the UN Human Rights on the Protection of the Family.
3. Violating of the Principle of Subsidiarity of the European Union, as “education” is not a competence of the EU, as defined by the Lisbon Treaty, art.5.
For all the above reasons, we respectfully urge you to REJECT the Rodrigues Report.

[Your Name]
Europe needs no Rodrigues Report. Europe needs Jesus.
Please share this with the world so signatures pour in from all over the globe.

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