Aug 27 2015

Ingo Breuer

I Believe In A Hill Called Mt. Calvary

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I love old-fashioned gospel music. Nothing more makes my heart worship and rejoice with great joy than these sounds. On Mt. Calvary where Jesus died on a cross our redemption was paid for. We as sinners by nature here find hope for our salvation because with our natural sin we are not justified before a holy God but separated and condemned. However, God did not leave us in that lost state. If we respond to Him, we can flee from our sinful state and receive forgiveness through Christ, the promised Redeemer of the world. You don’t need to look for another Messiah, Christ or Ruler. It is Him! Today might be Your day where you receive Jesus Christ by acknowledging your are a sinner and believing on Jesus Christ. So that His sacrifice on the cross was actually the payment for the penalty of your sin. Now you receive the gift of salvation and once you are saved you will know because you will no longer be troubled by the sense of condemnation that comes from your sin. Sin always lures people with short-sighted pleasure but always leads to regret and grief later on. If you want to avoid that road of refret and grief, then receive Jesus into your heart. The Holy Ghost will come and dwell within you because once you are saved your body is a temple of God. So let’s humble ourselves before God because He resists the proud. So let go of your pride and sin and let God!

If you have beeen saved by grace, then why not give a short testimony in the comment box below. If you like old gospel music, then feel free to share this song with others!



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