Apr 14 2015

Ingo Breuer

Chaplain of Bourbon Street preaching at Sho-Bar Night Club on 08/24/1966

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Revival at the Sho-Bar Night Club on Bourbon St. in New Orleans. Listen to Baptist preacher Bob Harrington – the Chaplain of Bourbon Street – preaching a revival meeting in that location back on 08/24/1966. The gospel is for all people and all ages. This is preaching and gospel songs that I appreciate. I rejoice in Christ that someone obeyed the call of God to go to the dark places to be a light there and invite people to receive the light of the world so they can have the light of life in them (John 8:12). It is my prayer that the word of God will reach hearts. Fell free to share this video with all those who need to hear it.

This record is respectfully dedicated To Victor H. Schiro, mayor of New Orleans, LA., who officially proclaimed Rev. Bob Harrington the chaplain of Bourbon St. in 1962.

I found this sermon on an LP record at a thrift store and now put it on youtube so the digital audience of today can get ahold of old-time preaching. I want people in this modern world to get ahold of the mind of Christ through preaching.

If you know that you are lost then think about where you will spend eternity. Maybe you feel conviction of your sin or the Holy Ghost is about to make you aware of it. Then ask Jesus to save you and trust in Him that He will do it because of what He has done on Calvary. Jesus is risen from the dead so you can have the new life now and have it forever. Have you been born again? Please let me know.

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