Jan 14 2015

Ingo Breuer

Atlanta, GA mayor fires Fire Chief for expressing Christian beliefs

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Petitions to Sign – Remembering Larry McDonald

In a shocking display of anti-religious bigotry, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed fired career firefighter and respected Fire Chief, Kelvin Cochran. The egregious dismissal of Chief Cochran by Mayor Reed exposes an outrageous double standard by leaders on the left. They cry out for tolerance of viewpoints and lifestyles, while demonizing the countering opinions held by people of faith.

Sadly, in this case, the intolerance of the Atlanta Mayor and the city’s LGBT community cost Chief Cochran his job. In 2013, Chief Cochran wrote a self-published book entitled “Who Told You That You Were Naked?”. The title and the book, based on the biblical book of Genesis, deals with the first sin against God and His perfect plan for man. He posited that the results of that first sin carried forward into every life and society in the world today. Chief Cochran affirms the God-ordained precept that marriage is a union solely between one man and one woman. He also declares the truth concerning sexual morality and expression outside of marriage. In one short passage, he classifies sexual sin as contrary to purity: “Uncleanness — whatever is opposite of purity; including sodomy, homosexuality, lesbianism, pederasty, bestiality, and all other forms of sexual perversion.”

Those expressed positions incensed the homosexual community. In response, they demanded that Mayor Reed fire Chief Cochran. In November, the Chief was placed on suspension and ordered to attend “sensitivity training.” Meanwhile, an internal city investigation cleared him of any discriminatory practices toward anyone under his command, including homosexual firefighters. Nonetheless, caving to the demands of the LGBT leadership, Mayor Reed fired Chief Cochran last week citing the career firefighter’s “lack of judgment.” The Mayor stated… “Despite my respect for Chief Cochran’s service, I believe his actions and decision-making undermine his ability to effectively manage a large, diverse work force.”

We highly condemn mayor Reed’s actions of intolerance. Is Atlanta exempt from constituional rights such as freedom of religion and freedom of opinion? Do city workers have no right to personal beliefs and views? Esp. when these views differ from what the mayor considers politically correct.

Now I am asking all of you to help defend mayor Cochran. Please get involved and sign all the following letters of support, petitions and letters to the mayor. Thank you for your help. And most of all, pray that administration officials wake up the reality of scripture truth.  I thank Jesus for every American willing to lay down his smart phone idol and pick up a Bible to govern the affairs of his life.



Feel free to use the following link to purchase a copy of Kelvin Cochran’s book that is the reason for getting fired by the Atlanta mayor:


I don’t understand why the mayor of Atlanta, Georgia caves in to the pervert pressure and completely nullifies religious freedom in his city. What this mayor did is extremely un-American and should not be tolerated. Georgia is a very conservative state and mayor Reed should have no trouble finding some good examples of moral leaders who were aware of America’s Christian heritage and constitutionally guaranteed rights. Good leaders like Zell Miller, a sound conservative US Senator (2000-2005) from Georgia. He would not have made a mess like this mayor. Why deny religious freedom to city employees? What they do in their privacy and what religious views they have should have no bearing at all on the job they do?  Because someone holds conservative, Christian views should not disqualify him or her from a job? I reject the notion of the “glass citizen”. There are other good Georgia conservatives such as Paul Broun. Mayor Reed would have done well to ask him for advice before making such a mistake.

But the best person who could lecture mayor Reed about constitutional rights, the role of government and religious freedom is none other than the late Georgia congressman Larry McDonald (April 1, 1935 – September 1, 1983) , mysteriously killed in the Soviet shootdown of flight KAL007 near Moneron Island. What would McDonald think if in his hometown of Atlanta, GA people are now getting because they believe the Bible and confess their faith. I think back in his day America still had it right. Now America lost it and rebels against God and seeing itself under the judgment of God.

Larry McDonald Memorial Highway

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Everytime I drive into Atlanta on interstate 75 south I pass this sign that says “Larry McDonald Memorial Highway”. It always makes me remember a great leader. Larry McDonald was probably the most conservative congressman in the early 1980s and maybe in the entire post-WWII era.  He voted down everything that meant more taxes, more government or violation of sound constitutional principle. He was a strong anticommunist. I would strongly suggest that if Mayor Kasem Reed ever drives down I-75 into Atlanta he should stop at this sign and consider it. It should make him think and subsequently adjust some of his policies. I want to be part of Larry McDonald’s Atlanta but not Kasem Reed’s Atlanta. Georgia was not a place for big government liberals to exalt themselves above the law and discriminate people because of their beliefs in the Bible. In fact the people who first settled Georgia came there to freely live out their faith in the Bible without interference from the government. Is this young generation of people learning that or do their smartphones suck them into the devil’s deception? The people who first settled Georgia were not a bunch of socialist youngsters who wanted to enjoy city life, live like perverts, and have big government control every move. A lot of those first settlers were staunch Baptists who believed the Bible and who believed the same things that Kelvin Cochran now believes. It is bad enough for Atlanta that there is an abortion clinic run by the wife of attorney general Eric Holder who has no regard for constitutional government but is turning America into a police state. Holder has tried to incriminate free expression of religious viewpoints and also has no regard for the 2nd amendment since he is involved in the Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal. Men of faith and integrity are needed in office. I hope that America will turn back to God instead of going agsinst God’s Word all the time on so many issues. That will only bring judgment and removal of past blessings. People want to live quiet and peacable lives in all godliness and honesty (2. Tim. 2:2). They should have the right to do so – even if they work as a fire chief. Where can we find this world?

Since many of you obviously don’t know who Larry McDonald (D-GA) was, I have put together a Larry McDonald Memorial on youtube. Feel free to watch:

Larry McDonald Memorial – Youtube Playlist – Remembering conservative Georgia Congressman.

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