Dec 20 2014

Ingo Breuer

Save Asia Bibi Petition

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I just signed this petition and I am asking you to join:

We, the undersigned, express our grave concern at the lack of religious tolerance for minorities in Pakistan, especially protesting the sentencing of ASIA BIBI on November 7th 2010 to death by hanging for expressing her faith.

We strongly urge the Government to create within Pakistan a genuine culture of respect for all its citizens by safeguarding their human and legal rights, and by actively protecting its minority populations and their religious freedom.


 Christians are burned alive in a kiln in Pakistian. Radical muslims massacre children at a Pakistani school. The Pakistani government has lost control over those radical islamic territories. And a Christian woman is still held in prison with a death sentence for allegedly blaspheming the Mohammedan false prophet who worships a pagan moon god out of a Mecca meteorite. What a sin benighted world!
Join me in getting a very important message out to the Pakistani leadership. We have to keep getting on Pakistan’s nerves until Asia Noreen Bibi is free!
Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian and mother of 5 children, was sentenced to death on November 7th 2010 by a court in Punjab. She was arrested for blasphemy in June 2009, after an argument with some of her colleagues in which she defended her religion. The other women, who are agricultural workers like Asia and her two daughters, were pushing her to renounce Christianity and embrace Islam. Asia Bibi replied by talking about how Jesus died on the cross for the sins of mankind, and asked the other women what their Prophet had done for them. The women then beat her and her daughters and accused her of blasphemy. The police took her into custody, saving her from an angry mob. But after more than four years in prison she is still under sentence of death by hanging and has lost her latest legal appeal against her death sentence.
I am also mailing Christmas cards to Pakistiani embassies along with a gospel tract testifying to them about the truth of Jesus Christ, explaining the way of salvation and asking for Asia Noreen Bibi’s immediate release!
Asia Noreen Bibi had the courage to witness for Christ in public and to tell coworkers about Jesus Christ. That is even a problem in most western countries since you might face termination for that in certain branches of the economy. We must boldly tell this world about a Savior that saves from the curse of sin.
Tell Pakistan Not to Execute Asia Noreen Bibi

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