Dec 16 2014

Ingo Breuer

Chaplain Gets Wrote Up For Sharing His Faith

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Should a chaplain receive a letter of concern from his commander because he spoke about his personal faith in a military seminar dealing with the issue of battling depression? Why is it wrong when  this chaplain simply shares what has worked for him?

On November 20, 2014 Chaplain Joseph Lawhorn lead a suicide prevention class at the University of North Georgia in which he shared his personal faith and how that helped him overcome depression. I am sure he thought he is free to express himself. Isn’t it strange how people curse and blaspheme in public and I am sure in the military, too. Even if it offends Christian believers. But then the Christian is not allowed to talk about what really shapes his indentity and guides his motives and actions. Jesus Christ is the driving force in our life so it is obvious that we talk about Him. Not only because we want to “advocate Christianity”. That’s not the only reason we talk about Jesus. We talk about Him simply because He is there in our life and part of our identity. If you ask me what I did on the weekend. Well, then I have to talk about Jesus. If you ask me what I think about a certain subject or issue, then I might say something that reflects the Biblical worldview. If you ask me, why I don’t commit suicide and what gives me hope in life. Then I have to mention Jesus! If I didn’t mention Him, then I would be lying! There should be no form of coercion in society forcing me to deny Jesus in order to draw a paycheck and oppressing any thought of God back into some hidden closet. That’s wrong!

It is also noteworthy that the letter of concern issued to Chaplain Lawhorn mentions this: “As a result, an individual in attendance wrote an article about the event on militaryatheists.c-o-m.” Why is the commanding officer so concerned about what an atheist website has to say about a simple confession of faith. No atheist was forced to become a believer. A believer simply testfied what worked for him in his life. The atheist still has the right to object. But the Christian has the right to free speech and free exercise of religion. I hope by now the commanding officers at Fort Benning are concerned about what the American Family Assocation’s website has to say about this incident. And I hope they are concerned about what I am writing her now. Please write the commanding officer Col. David Fivecoat and ask him to rescind this shameful letter of concern to this faithful Chaplain. The military is not a playground for enforcing militant atheism. This is just one of many attacks by atheists an America’s Christian heritage including the attacks to remove military monuments with Christian symbols such as the huge cross at Mt. Soledad. Atheists have been crazy enought to sue against a Jesus statue set up by WWII veterans on land that is now public somewhere in the woods of Montana. The military should not allow this hateful atheism to undermine the morale of the men.

Please ask Col. Fivecoat to rescind this letter of concern and allow chaplains to speak up for their faith. No chaplain should get wrote up because he mentions his personal faith in Christ in a suicide prevention class. It is crazy that there are faith-based classes by church ministries in the prisons of America, but when you mentioned Jesus in school, in some jobs or in the military then YOU are the criminal. Totally absurd. God forbid such madness.



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