Oct 23 2014

Ingo Breuer

Houston, we have a problem!

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Houston, Texas mayor is lesbian and persecutes preachers who oppose her HERO so-called “equal rights” ordinance by subpoenaing their sermons. Well, I think we as  believers should mail the mail the mayor a barrage of sercmon CDs and mp3 links that reflec the Bible truth issue on the sodomy issue, the marriage issue, and the gender issue. Can the mayor honestly answer Jesus’ questions in Matthew 19:4-6. The following is my e-mail  to the mayor of Houston, Texas. More information plus a petition to the mayor can be found at the following website:    (please get involved)



Mayor Annise D. Parker
City of Houston
P.O. Box 1562 Houston, TX 77251
Phone: 3-1-1, or 713.837.0311
Email: mayor@houstontx.gov

I support preaching of Bible truth

Dear Mayor Parker:

As a German citizen I am thankful that there is a good church in Houston, Texas that sends a missionary to my country to preach the gospel, lift up Bible truth and start churches in Germany. I am thankful for what Christians in Texas accomplish. I remember how decades ago a faithful preacher named Lester Roloff stood for right when the state tried to interfere and shut down his church’s children’s and youth rescue mission homes.
I want to be plain: I totally oppose your course of action by attacking religious freedom in the form of discriminating against preachers who had the guts to stand against this wicked HERO campaign. It is a shame that you subpoena sermons but I rejoice in a way because the Bible tells us to rejoice when we are considered worthy of suffering for the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul often preached the gospel in court hearings where he had to defend himself. Since you subpoena sermons from local Houston pastors I will take it one step further and turn in to you my Bible-believing sermons so you get exposure to the preached word of God.
Have you ever considered that the Bible who first came and settled what is not the United States came here to escape persecution in Europe and find a place of religious freedom where they could worship according to the dictates of their conscience directed by the Bible? So why is America turning its back on its original intent and destiny? Why is America no longer delivering on the promise it once guaranteed to all of its citizens? We simply don’t want the USA to turn into an atheistic police state controlled by perverts. America is not destined to be some secular humanistic utopia but to be a Christian nation as the Supreme Court rightly judged in 1892. So we don’t need to rewrite history and reinvent America. Instead we need to repent of our sin. We don’t need to amend our laws and city codes according to modern ways. We need to amend ourselves according to God’s ways revealed in the Bible.
I hope that your hate campaign against local preachers will come to a halt and that a national outcry of outrage will rise against your unconstitutional actions. Please apologize to all the targeted preachers. I hope the will open the next city council session with prayer and maybe an eye-opening preachimony or sermonette. There will always be Christian people in America, in Germany and all over this world who believe that God created mankind male and female and that it is contrary to nature and God’s law for a man to lie with man or woman to lie with woman. We are free to believe this way, raise our kids this way and act in public this way – and keep our job, our business, our church free from any government interference. This is the true America – that of individual liberty and religious freedom. Where you don’t have to fear persecution when you follow your conscience.

Yours in Christ,


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  1. Ingo Breuer says:

    The Houston mayor finally withdrew those subpoenas. Thousands of believers mailed in Bibles to her. I hope she reads the word, gets in the book and receives Jesus as Savior.

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