Sep 06 2014

Ingo Breuer

Sending Hope To Iraqi Refugees

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Open Doors USA is a Christian organization raising awareness to and ministering to persecuted Christians. They asked believers to write a brief message of encouragement to refugees in Northern Iraq. Here is my message:

Open Doors USA

To the believers in Iraq:
God bless you and give you strength in the midst of persecution.
May the Lord grant that through your witness for Jesus Christ many more Iraqis and people in the Arab will turn from false gods to the one and true Living and Faithful God who revealed His love for mankind through the atoning sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ who tasted death for us and won the victory as He was raised from the dead and arose to Heaven to be seated with the Father to intercede for us. And we expect Him to return as He promised to receive His people and to judge this world in righteousness.
I rejoiced when Iraq was liberated from the oppression of a cruel dictator. How much more will we all rejoice when Iraq and the Arab world will be liberated from the oppression of a false religion started by an apostate and brutal false prophet who shaped a cult of lust and violence. The persecutors should fear and dread when they curse the name of the most High God. What we do with Jesus in this life determines what He will do with us in eternity! I pray for the protection of the persecuted as well as for the conversion of the persecutors. You might feel like the international community let you down by withdrawing from Iraq to quick. But even when people and other nations let us down we must not forget that the Lord will not let us down. First of all, we must trust Him alone for our help and then the Lord can use others through which His help will be administered. I pray that the Lord will keep your families together and protect your children. I pray that an open door for the gospel of Jesus will be opened in Iraq. I pray that the Lord will reward your faithfulness and reward you for all your present distress and that even this distress will look small in comparison to the glory that is revealed in Him.
I also want to thank the Lord for the huge positive response to my Christian facebook ads that point to Bible-believing websites I posted in Muslim nations. God bless those that hunger and thirst for righteousness in those nations.

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